"And he had in his hand a little book open:
and he set his right foot upon the sea, and his left foot on the earth"
Revelations 10.v2.

The Book of Life

This book is a philosophy of life. In the wider sense this is a book of the way of life, a book that reveals the fundamental truth of who you are:- A book that shows those who are ready the way forward for their lives in the grander scheme of that great humanity that surrounds us. This book is therefore an understanding of life, which explains why we are here and how we should conduct ourselves in our daily experience. Like all philosophies it is a basis for human understanding of who we are - it is the definitive attempt to write down how we, as society, should live now that we have started to grow up inside. It is a template of life in the new millennium - the Ten Commandments for the modern man or woman.

In order to understand this philosophy you must first be a seeker of truth. Truth has been denied us by our own ignorance over many centuries. The time for the awakening of human consciousness is arriving. This process started many centuries ago and can be witnessed throughout human history. This raising of consciousness is witnessed by the fact that human brains and metabolism have changed little in the last ten thousand years. None the less we see man moving inexorably from a state of feudal ignorance to one of moral understanding and eventually a state of balance with himself and nature. A state where weapons were once the only form of enforcement, to one where the pen, or mind, can now be mightier than the sword. A state where true happiness can exist for everyone.

Whilst it may be argued that there are many places on this planet where the sword still reigns supreme over the pen, it cannot be denied that human consciousness is rising. This book comes as a response to that initiative. Science alone cannot answer the most fundamental questions we ask ourselves or understand how the mind works. Science, whilst flattering itself into believing there is a scientific answer to all questions, may be good at observing external events, however it is completely inadequate when confronted with how we work inside our existence. Science cannot explain where "I" go during sleep and has therefore created the myth called "consciousness", which has no basis in science at all.

Let us first therefore look at the concepts of who we are and what we are and then we may start to understand why we are here. These are probably the most important questions that you may ever ask yourself. They are the sorts of questions you ask yourself when your life is in crisis, you may also ask these same questions when you are young and, more frequently, just before you die. These are important questions that you should know the answers to in your life here and now. The answers to these questions do not need to be answered in the language of religion, designed to ensnare you into a church, or religious dogma. They do not need you to believe in some magical life after death, in heaven or anything outside of your own experience. All you need to do is to take the time to follow those instincts that are natural to you and a time will come when you will understand. Taking the time to read this book is the first indication that your time of understanding is approaching.

Over the centuries we, as human beings, have been indoctrinated by religious organisations. Humanity has been led by one religion or another, depending upon where you may live, or at what time in history. One religion may promise life after death in the form of everlasting heaven, another may promise bliss if you die for their particular cause. Many others offer everlasting salvation if you hand over your soul during your short stay on this earth into the care of their organisation - usually to the accompaniment of payment in some form or other.

Man shows throughout history that he has an inner need to find and understand the concept of God. This deep instinctual desire is like a shadow on his heart when the sun sets. A deeply held belief in something that he cannot see or put his finger on but knows is there. Unable to see in the dark he imagines what he believes to be true. He has created form and structure of religious institutions, faith and dogma, so strong that he is prepared to fight and die for this vision, which he cannot see, and never has seen. He has identified a human timeless force he calls his spirit or soul, which is bound into the religious doctrines. In this darkness he waits for the dawn, when the rays of enlightenment will show him the truth, whilst those same institutions flourish and multiply across the globe, fearful of the different contradictions held by different faiths.

All religions cannot be true by their contradictory nature and in truth many must therefore be completely wrong. Any religion that claims itself to be the only correct religion cannot in itself be correct - because God is not selective in His creations - He made all of us in the philosophical sense, including all forms of life, matter and religions. If God exists then why does he not show himself and why does a Buddhist see Buddha when in a state of Divine revelation, yet only Christ will reveal himself to a Christian in a similar state?

The answer of course is that we all have, and have had since the beginning of time, an inner need to be reunited with our maker and therefore express our inner beliefs as external apparitions when such matters arise. God does not exist as an external physical entity, but exists inside our minds and all things that exist. This is the reason there is no man who has ever lived upon this planet who has claimed to see God. Not even Christ - who constantly referred to his Father, as an analogy of the Divine Spirit. When the scriptures are re-read in this context a much wider understanding of Christ's teachings are understood.

God is not a Christian God, a Muslim Allah, a Jewish Jehovah or a Hindu god. God is all of these things and is in essence one Divine Spirit. A spiritual force that exists in the space in between and inside every atom known and unknown in our existence. A Divine Spirit capable of expressing itself through you and in you, both inside you and outside of you, through the world that you live in. You are the Divine Spirit's instrument of existence, along with every other living and inanimate object in the Universe. The enlightened spirit knows this in their heart, since it is the application of not just common sense, but inner knowledge - confirming your need to better understand who you are. To blindly accept one religion as an act of "faith" is to deny yourself the true knowledge of who you are, by excluding other religious belief systems. The very contradiction of this act of denial means that the "faith" you have been indoctrinated with must by its very nature be false - because God excludes none from his creation. Only a man can have the arrogance to claim the authority of God. Any religious belief system based upon a man, or his life, must therefore be false, if by its application, it excludes any other religion or belief system.

Even scientists and cosmologists now accept the possibility that everything may be connected by one interconnected sub-atomic membrane. Scientists are currently seeking to explain the very essence of the universe's creation though the existence of parallel universes woven inside our own. Having never seen a parallel universe I have difficulty reconciling such a hypothesis, but if you replace that membrane with the concept of a universal force, it is remarkable how science and the existence of God comes close to being proven by mathematical formulae.

The "God in you and everything that exists" definition of God is a pretty wide ranging and all encompassing definition. This might at first appear a bitter pill to swallow when confronted with a history of fundamentalist belief in a God system, built upon blind faith and dogmatic interpretation of old texts. None the less it bears the unmistakable hallmark of truth to the open and enquiring mind. The fact that you have obtained this book confirms that you have a mind that is looking for the truth.

It is possible to accept blind faith as an acceptable belief system when you are a child. When you are a child you know no better and trust your parents or guardians, who bring you up, to provide you with a sound and reliable education. Much of this is based upon example. Society as a whole needs rules and good example to provide the secure basis upon which it can sustain itself. In consequence the Bible - one of the great teaching books of all time - provided the Ten Commandments as a rule of law upon which early society could be formed. These rules eventually contributed to the multitude of laws, which now are spread far and wide.

In the same way that society moves forward and the consciousness of humanity rises - so a child moves forward to become an adult. As an adult many of the things that you accepted as a child are challenged and you form a new view, or a new opinion, based upon your own experiences. You may question your parents belief system and you may choose a different way of life. This is natural progression and, whilst respecting one's parents view, it is quite normal to develop your own opinions upon aspects of life which previously as a child you had never considered before. You do this because you have learnt to use your own experience and intellect to make decisions for yourself. You have learnt through those things that happen to you and you follow your own instinct.

As you become older you start to communicate with your inner voice. As a child this inner voice provides you with imagination with which you can create your own imaginary world in which to play. Later that same voice is able to have logical and extended internal discussions with you, completely protected from the outside world. Later that same voice can direct you into new areas of life experience. This voice is known to you as "me" or "I" in normal conversation, as you need a term to understand how this "thinking process" occurs. Later you will realise that there are occasions when that same voice inside your head directs you to perform certain deeds such as "Why don't you do this or that" - directing you in a specific manner that the intelligence seeks you to behave. When you recognise this fact without blindly following your own ego then you have made your first link to understanding the way the Divine Spirit works - and I shall deal with this later.

It is clear to any thinking person that the concept of God sitting on high in "heaven" is seriously flawed. This concept does not fit the real world we live in today. A world where thoughts can travel across the planet at the speed of light via the Internet, radio or television. Blind faith that sends men to their deaths for martyrdom or upon crusades in furtherance of holy wars cannot be justified by a higher consciousness. This is not to say that those who believe in a God or "heaven" in such a fashion are wrong - since it is within their own mind to allow God to manifest in this way.

In a philosophical sense the people who cannot see beyond this position are like children who have not yet grown up, who keep repeating the mistakes of their parents. They cannot be blamed for this - we should feel sorry for them. Blind faith is no longer acceptable to the raised consciousness. You and I are no longer living in the Dark Ages or beyond, where people are uneducated and ignorant. The issue is one of seeking the fundamental truth that allows us to understand who we are and what our relationship is with our maker. This will fulfil the function of providing the higher consciousness with the answer. We must now seek this truth to what our function is. Understanding our function will free us from the past and unlock our true potential to become advanced human souls.

With this understanding you will see that this book of life works for all religions. In seeking to understand this I will bring you to understand that whilst religion serves its purpose, as one of the moral building blocks of humanity, a time comes when the way you conduct your life, and the way that you live in balance with nature and your fellow man, is more important than the religious belief that brought you to that place. When the sun rises and the shadows are gone you can see clearly, because the shadow that was in your heart has been replaced by the light of day with which you can see the truth.

You can only be at one with your God when there is perfect understanding and perfect respect. In order to achieve that you must be able to communicate with that Divine Spirit and know its existence - rather than be told by a teacher. Knowing is the experience rather than the result of teaching by religious organisations or even this book. Knowing can come from learning from others, or it can come directly from the spirit in the form of a "Gnostic experience" (from the Latin gnosis meaning knowledge) In understanding who you are you will know the existence of the Divine and experience the oneness of everlasting life. Once you stand at the threshold of recognition of who you really are, and what your destiny is, you will cast off the past and move forward to that new future that you know deep inside awaits you.

This does not mean that in order to understand who you are or why you are here you also need to abandon your God or current belief system. This philosophy accommodates all religions, since it recognises that the child needs a mechanism to understand what is too complicated for a child to know. However when the child comes of age it is their decision how to deal or adapt their previously held beliefs to accommodate what they now know to be true. We do not abandon our parents because we have learnt something that our parents did not know.

In this book I show you the way to conduct your life and the way to communicate with the Divine Spirit in your daily life. This will lead you to know who you are and why you are here. When this is done and you have experienced that contact you will no longer need those structures you used as a child. The one and only God has an infinite number of names, but for the sake of consistency in this document we shall call this element of our new life The Divine Spirit.

You can read the Book of Life in the comfort of your favourite chair by getting a printed copy here.

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