3rd May 2003

This was received a few days before the Book of Life was due to be published. I had received specific instructions as to when it should be completed in final text format (31st January 2003). It was then to be published on 5th May, four months and five days later - that was my task.

Everything had gone to plan. Gardeners in Eastbourne had accepted the Book for UK distribution and the printers had promised delivery on time. A party was planned to celebrate the launch of the Book on 5th May (my birthday) and we were going to use the party as an excuse to invite all our friends who had worked at Landscape over the previous seventeen years - as we were due to be evicted on 1st June 2003. In consequence I was in a pretty high state of anxiety because the Books had not yet arrived from the printers and we had no-where to move to. Indeed we were to be made homeless on 1st June (but that's another story).

I woke in the middle of the night in a state of spirit. I was standing in the middle of the cosmos. It was a truly magnificent sight. The sky was a blaze of coloured galaxies and stars - rather like you would imagine the Milky Way to be if you were out there in the vastness of space.

In front of me was a column of light, like a very bright beam from a searchlight in a perfect column that looked about a meter or so wide and about twenty meters from where I was located floating in space. My field of view was restricted to a letter-box type view as if I was sitting in a cinema, looking at a wide screen.

I noticed that very close to me, near my feet there was what looked like a staircase that went in a wide circle around the column of light. As I looked at this pathway it was clear that it was not exactly a stair but more like something made from cloud. It was blurred and indistinct - and it took the form similar to how the rings of Saturn look from a distance.

This circle of cloud-like material had form and was not level but rose from left to right in a giant spiral. As it rose up the column I could see this pass through my field of vision very close -almost within reach. I became aware that there were people, who irradiated a feeling of immense power, they were standing around the central column of light on this cloud-like pathway. They appeared to be positioned as if at the compass points, I did not count them but there were ten or twelve in different positions so that one was not directly above the other. They were all dressed in radiant white and clearly spiritual entities in human form. I could not see any faces since they took the form of pure white light.

My field of vision was directly ahead so I could not see to the left or right other than what the letter box view would allow, but only across the field of visions past the pillar of light as I rose slowly absorbing what was going on. Then to my amazement I realised that there was a man standing in the centre of the pillar of light standing on this cloud-like substance. As I looked closely I could see that the man was me. He (I) was not looking at me but to my right at those who were in spirit on my right hand side - also standing on the cloud-like material of the pathway.

I had the feeling of absolute humility being in the presence of these people/spirits and could not understand at the time this was happening what I was doing in this situation. I must have been watching this for several minutes as a flood of emotion spread through me and grasped the concept of what I was witnessing and tried to understand what it was that I was watching. Then the me in the middle of the column of light opened my mouth as if to speak.

As I opened my mouth, simultaneously I was thrown back by an absolute force, as if at the speed of light, whereupon words came out of the mouth of the me in the column of light. These were not spoken words but written words like you would imagine text in the words on the written page, similar to seeing words instead of hearing them. These words erupted from my mouth like in a nuclear explosion in space - in the way that might be seen in a science fiction film (like the explosion of the Death Star in the Star Wars film.)

At the point of the explosion the words issued from my mouth in an instant they spread across the Universe in one giant pulse, spreading far and wide throughout the Galaxies in a devastating flow of emotion and I awoke.

When I awoke I was filled with the most wonderful feeling of awe and all the negative thoughts that I had accumulated over the previous months were shattered. The doubt was gone and the vision told me, in a way that I could never have expected, that what I was to do was the right thing.

May the Divine Spirit be with you Always.

Fathers Day card (15th June 2003) from daughter Tara

26th June 2003

I woke in the early morning in a state of spirit. It was still dark and the sky was a blaze of stars. I looked around me and could see that I was in either the countryside or perhaps a park. The ground sloped gently away from me and I could see what looked like a city skyline several miles away, with lots of buildings and lights stretching into the distance.

Some of the buildings were office blocks and the "feel" of the place was like many American cities with sprawling suburbs and rolling hills in the distance. It "felt" like California but I have no reason to know that other than the feel.

As I stood there looking at the stars I saw a white light, similar to how a satellite looks in the distance travelling across the skyscape from the right hand side of my view to the left with the cityscape below. My first thought was that it must be a satellite, as it was just a small prick of light travelling at an even speed.

Next it was suddenly a lot closer and lower. It obviously wasnít a satellite because it moved course and when it got closer it appeared as a ball of white light. Then as I am watching another light approached from the left of my field of view. I suddenly thought - no this isnt a satellite because it changed course. At that same instant I thought "My God it must be a UFO".

I realised that the light approaching from my left was a plane or jet and thought that someone must have spotted the ball of light and it was being intercepted.

As the jet got close to the ball of light the ball curved up into the air through 90 degrees to avoid the intercepting aircraft. At the same time the ball of light became three balls with the lead ball somehow connected to the two following balls through a fine vapour like trail, which could have been something solid, but it was impossible to tell at that distance.

I expected the balls to move away but instead they continued in an arc avoiding what now appeared to be a number of fighter planes in the sky. Instead of flying away the three balls of light went around in an arc until they had gone through 360 degrees and plunged straight into the ground.

All this happened in what was little more than a few seconds. As the balls went into the ground there was the most enormous explosion and it felt like my heart had stopped. It was not what I had expected and I realised that I was in immense danger. Instinctively I looked for the characteristic mushroom cloud, because the explosion was so loud coming from a distance of at least two or three miles and I felt the impact in my chest.

I realised that what I had been looking at was not a UFO but a new type of weapon. My first thoughts being that it must be nuclear because I suppose that is what I expected. However it wasnít. It produced three separate torch beam type blasts from the centre of the area effected radiating upwards into the night sky - something I have never seen before.

Then I could see a brown grey cloud rising out of the epicentre and I experienced the sensation of true fear for my life. I realised that what ever caused this attack was also carrying something nasty that would be in that cloud. I started to run for my life, looking over my shoulder as the cloud continued to rise. The buildings of the city did not appear to be affected in the foreground and I could see no damage.

I then woke with heart pounding and in a sweat.

May the Divine Spirit be with you Always.

The Church of God

9th November 2005

Last night I had the most amazing vision where I had to go to church - well a cathedral really - very big with wooden pews which were banked up towards the back and completely filled with people. I do not go to church so this was a strange action for me. I ran into the church and up the wooden steps towards the back where the only seat left was over the back ,where the seating dropped back down to the organ which was out of sight.

For some reason I had a bicycle with me and I tried to wedge the bicycle into the gap between me and the organists seat. I do not ride a bicycle and cannot understand why I was taking one into a church. Then the next thing is the whole row of seats where I am sitting starts to move out into the aisle towards the alter - except the row of seats had turned into what I can only describe as a deep wooden canoe, rough cut like in the Amazon with black inside. The boat was bouncing down one step at a time and I was standing in the middle looking back. Instead of having the high ceiling that was there when I came into the building now the church had a low vaulted ceiling, made from stone and everyone was looking at me as I stood there being transported by this strange wooden boat that had no mechanism or people pulling it.

As it got to about the twentieth step it suddenly turned a corner and started to descent further - more wooden steps - more people staring until it came to the bottom of the steps in what must have been a side nave. I was thinking to myself - why are these people staring at me - although I was aware that whilst standing, and the boat constructions was jumping and banging its way down the steps I felt no vibrations. Aware that the faces looking at me were showing not only amazement but fear I suddenly realised that I was not on the ground. I lifted my leg slightly to bang it down but the sensation was a solid as a rock. At that moment of recognition that I was not on the ground but there appeared to be a force holding me I started to rise and I was aware that I was held by a force that could not be seen. As the boat had come down the steps I was only a few inches off the ground but now I was transported slowly and gracefully towards the ceiling and at the same time I was unable to move - held by that force. And then I realised it was not a force that held me, I was in the arms of someone - whom I could not see but could feel holding me like a child.

I was wrapped in a feeling beyond expression as my arms were raised like a crucifix and transported through the building. I had no control of my body but was displayed to the wonder of all those people present. My body was held by this force and I appeared to be wrapped in both the arms of this force and also in what looked like white cloth. I could feel that I was held by an entity that was alive, as human as me, yet it had no visible presence. However my physical vision had changed as I rose up through the building. The light had grown slightly dimmer and the air was thick like ether - similar to that experienced in psychic awareness, where everything is interconnected.

At that time I felt like I was coming home and a voice spoke to me as I was held there for a period of time that seemed an eternity, but at the same time only a few precious minutes. My heart and body flowed with emotion as I was taken from that church and I was laid on my bed - and I returned to my body. Even as I returned I could not move - my body was still in an out of body state - and as I returned to physical awareness I longed to return to the arms that held me and wondered why I had experienced this event. The message clearly was for me alone but I can tell you that such an experience is something that has deeply effected me.

New Year Apocalypse

31st December 2006

Two dreams on successive nights featuring apocalyptic visions

The first showed men running along a canyon with a volcano issuing huge red boulders of fire in the distance which were bouncing along the walls of the canyon like a bowling alley. People fled along this narrow confined place, different sized boulders crashing past them as they sought to dodge them.

A river of molten lava flowed to our right and I have imprinted on my mind the image of a man being hit by a boulder and disappearing into the lava and consumed by fire. There was no escape.

After this I was transported above the scene and could see ground moving below me where one plate was moving under the other with forests disappearing under the ground on one side and mountains rising on the other. I wondered afterwards whether this was how coal formed the last time this happened?

The second vision was also short and disturbing as my family were in a room with a window which lit up with a bright light like the sun - too bright to look at - the rays were as if the room were filled with smoke so that the burst of energy was visible.

I hit the deck and forced them all to the ground shouting at them to get back into the back room. This was not the sun but a nuclear explosion and the feeling of absolute fear. Not a good feeling for the New Year on the day Sadam was hung. I hope it isnít connected to the Nostradamus prophesy (Century 2 verse 62)

Visions of the Monarchy in Paris

(26th October 2009)

I was in an entrance of an old Parisian style house with a courtyard outside and all wooden inside - the era seemed about 1750s. There was a staircase leading up to the first floor that was wide and in a circle. I was with someone and we went into the room on the first floor landing.

Inside the room was a low ceiling with wooden panels and shutters at the window. Quite narrow with the right hand wall covered in glass bookcases. Behind the door as we went into the room and turned around was my ex-wife sitting in an armchair dressed in fine clothes and with a man beside her. He was sitting he was on a stool stooped towards her listening to what she was saying.

A man in the centre of the room met me and shook my hand. He was very well dressed, blondish and attractive, probably in his early to middle thirties. When I shook his hand I knew that he was a good man. It appeared that he was there to ask me to ask my ex-wife if she would marry him. It appeared that he thought that I could organise this for him because it was what he wanted and he professed to love her deeply.

As this was happening I saw in the glass case half way down on the glass case side a man inside the case dressed in expensive military uniform. He was old and grey and clearly dead, but perfectly preserved. However he moved slightly every so often, not that anyone seemed to notice except me. It appeared that he was the grandfather and was keeping an eye on events.

The man who was asking for my ex-wifeís hand in marriage did not speak directly to her, but to me, expecting me to make her accept his proposal, but she didn't appear to want to make a decision. I was impressed by the suitors request and argued with her that she would definitely do well with this man and surely she would want to be with someone who loved her and was clearly financially well off.

At that point the man explained that he was a prince and he organised for his wealth to be shown. Instantly the room was full of gold and precious objects. The bookcases were full of beautiful things and so the thing that was going through my head was "Oh my goodness this man is wealthy - surely she should be jumping at the opportunity" however at the same time I'm thinking "well I know Claire can hold her own, because she's intelligent, but do these people realise that the family would come to the wedding.!! what about the family - that's going to mess it up because they are ordinary people.

But it didn't appear to matter, all he wanted was her hand in marriage and he said "Look everything I have is yours if you become my wife" and the person who was with her said "yes, but where are you from". The prince said he was from Cannes - and the advisor said to Claire - "That's in France". But the prince said "No its in Spain - and you would live with me there".

At that point I woke and of course there is no Cannes in Spain and thought that was strange. However it was clearly important, because it was very real. So I went back to sleep and then another vision happened.

This time I'm in a different house again it seems like Paris - bigger apartment, big rooms with a grand piano. A young man meets me at the big double doors that reach to a high ceiling. He is dressed in a red tunic. I shake his hand and he too has the same instant positive response - this is a young man in his late twenties and he has purple/mauve top with buttons up the front with tight black trousers and elegant shoes - again a man who has lots of money and very attractive to a young girl.

It appears that he wants to marry one of my daughters and he is a Count. I welcome him as Count and I know this when I enter the hallway and we shake hands. He says "You have come to talk with my father have you not?" and I say yes and he takes me through to the front room that is also on the first floor with double windows looking out onto a typical Parisian street.

Sitting next to the grand piano in a chair that looks like it is out of the Elyse Palace and in a room with panels and flock type wallpaper and old portrait paintings is a remarkably well kept man. He is quite short with again blonde hair, but fairly thin on top, cut quite short. He doesn't get up as he is old but shakes my hand and we start to talk about why I am there.

He says to me that his son is in love with my daughter - he does not say which one - and that it would be prestigious for both of our families to be united in marriage because they were an old family. Then he says "of course you know that my father was Napoleon" - at which I am taken aback, and then of course see the family resemblance.

I then say to him "Of course I can see it now - this is truly remarkable "(not least because I'm in a dream two hundred years in the future). I said "You do not know, but our family is related to all the kings of Europe, we have a lot in common" at which he sat up in his chair and said "then it is to be then" and I woke up.

Two dreams about the marriage of my family to French monarchy, one of whom lives in Spain. I therefore wrote them down. Those things which come to us in a state of vision are there to guide and assist us in our times of need.

May the Divine Spirit be with you Always.

The Cow

(14th August 2011)

I was standing in a place I knew from my childhood walks when I lived in West Wickham in Kent, when my mother and father moved to the suburbs to escape their past. It was a small valley that was like a quarry which went in to a dead end, with a cliff face in front of you with an escarpmment of material that had falled down the cliff face in front, but with sheer sides. If you were nimble you could climb the cliff face at the front but not at the sides. It was clearly dangerous as you could fall if you were not careful.

The difference between this place and the place I knew from my past was the cliff face was much taller and I was not a child. As I climbed the loose material it flattened out and was like sandy mud. I had a shovel with me and began to dig. As I dug I found a wooden handle and attached to the side of the handle was a hammer head. It was a hammer where the head had been removed and attached to the side of the hammer, as if it were in two parts and in oprder to use the hammer you would need to take the head off of the handle and put it onto the head.

I looked at this closely since it was such a strange thing to find. As I did so I looked up to the right hand cliff face. As I did so I saw what looked like someone move back and dissapear from the edge. It was so fast I could not make out whether it was someone or not. It made me think that someone was watching me. So I stood there for a couple of minutes watching the cliff edge some fifty feet higher than me to see if anyone put their head over the edge again.

I was just about to stop when the head of a black faced cow appeared and looked over the edge directly at me. It had wide eyes and stared at me for a full minute as I looked back and then it pulled back from the edge.

I was thinking "what was the cow doing watching me?" and then out of the corner of my eye I saw a man looking over the cliff face nearer the middle of the valley, near the place where you could climb down with difficulty. He also pulled back from the cliff face when he saw that I could see him.

Next I see the man and someone else moving towards the part ofthe cliff that you can climb down and I realise that they are going to try to come down, but he has the cow with him and he cannot. The feeling I get is that this is not a good place to be and I decide to leave before they can find a way to climb down the cliff face.

I understand the images I have been shown. I am looking into my family history and have found the tool that I need to unravel my past but I am being watched. I do not need to look any further and must leave that place as the people who watch do not understand what it is they can see and cannot yet get there. The cow is the herd who travels with those who make the decisions. They will now know that as well as watching they too are being watched and cannot change the course they seek to influence.

May the Divine Spirit be with you Always.

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