"And I heard a great voice out of Heaven,
saying, Behold, the tabernacle of God is with men,
and he will dwell with them, and they shall be his people,
and God himself shall be with them, and be their God:"Revelations 21.v3.

Sex and Bonding

In the new society, which awaits us, we have the unique opportunity to start life afresh. To throw away those things which have failed to sustain us and reinstate those values, which are important. The self-destruction of the old will be understood to be an event, which was bought about by the implementation of the Law of Destruction.

Man has a natural path, which we have referred to as the Divine Plan. Those who are part of this plan will be those who are at one with themselves, nature and the Divine Spirit. This should include an element of meditation and a commitment to encourage those less able than yourself to follow a life which is in balance.

One of the reasons man fell by the wayside of his chosen path was to allow himself to be persuaded that he was separate from the Divine. The very powers that he placed in a position of trust, in the form of churches and religious leaders, abused those powers by seeking to enslave men for profit.

This is not the natural state that man should be. The natural state of man is to be in balance with himself, his maker, fellow men and nature. Nature is itself created by the Divine to remind man of his own separateness from the Divine. Nature is the world that we live in and the effect of how we treat it. In that context the earth-shift is simply the effect of man's own greed upon the environment that holds him.

The principal guiding lesson of the mistakes of the past is to realise that man must be at one with nature. The effect of being at one with nature is to be at one with the Divine. In this state you tread the path of righteousness, to use a biblical expression. In the more holistic sense you walk the path of cause and effect, because by being at one with nature you will give to nature and she will in return comfort you.

This is not to say that life will be easy. It is in certainty going to be hard for those who have been given the gift of life. However those who live through this time will also appreciate the value of life they have been given.

The greatest gift is love. Love is the basis upon which the new society will be built. We as advanced human beings will never again need armaments in which to cultivate our greed. Each man will be free to choose his own ability to survive by virtue of those skills available to him. Each woman will truly be equal to her fellow man.

Love is mistaken for sex by the young or immature because the act of sex is associated with love. However the act of sex is not love in itself, but is the Divine Spirit's gift to humanity, whereby love may be consecrated in a communion with love. Anything which limits love is in effect limiting the driving force of the Divine and it is the limits, which men have imposed upon themselves, which have contributed to their own destruction.

By way of example one of the greatest destroyers of the structure of society has been the destruction of family life. The family is the building block of a solid society. Without men to teach their children how to behave at the breakfast table or women in the home to guide our children, there is little hope of remaining at one with yourself and the Divine. To walk that path leads to the destruction that we should expect.

Nonetheless we have seen the rise of the one parent society because men and women have failed to understand the nature of love. Man, in the form of both sexes, was created to live in harmony. He was created to live in a philosophical Garden of Eden, with men and women living together making love greater. The rise of the one parent society is an example of what happens when you move from the chosen path.

Sex is the consecration of love in a holy communion between two souls, separated from the Divine. In practice this means that when two people make love they achieve the closest they can come to unity with the Divine, as an act of thanksgiving. Sex is therefore not something to feel guilty about. Guilt is a hangover from receiving the Victorian values from our parents and previous generations, who saw sex as the work of a non existent Devil within us.

In the past men have made the mistake of seeing marriage as a means to enslave women, by confining their ability to love. Society has been persuaded to adopt this enslavement as a means to provide men with power. This is because the nature of man's social abilities has been developed through the hunter-gatherer principals. Under the new society that time will come to an end, because love is the gift of the Divine to men and women upon an equal basis. Love cannot be used to enslave and still be considered love.

Marriage was created to form the basis of family life. It is a bond which is created through love between a man and a women, which is sanctified through the act of love. This in turn leads to children who are succoured by the woman and protected by the men in a family relationship. This is the greatest form of love, because family love like all love should be based upon a love that does not need to be returned.

Family love had been secure for many centuries, but as human consciousness has risen the need for more love has destroyed the very thing it created. It is therefore necessary to understand the nature of love and need for love. Whilst this may be completely obvious it may not be as apparent to the man or woman who feels trapped in a relationship, where love appears to have failed them. The problem is in understanding the nature of what the particular problem is.

We as human beings have fooled ourselves through the wonders of our own abilities that there is just one form of love. We have started to believe our own publicity and this is a very dangerous thing. Every day in every newspaper and form of the media we are told that there is only one form of love. This love is best described as the Hollywood Love. Such a love only comes once and lasts forever, which we discussed earlier.

Anyone who is over the age of thirty will however know that this is a myth, even though they may never contradict the concept in public. Love is, as we have discussed, a multi- layered emotional mountain, of which the surface is always changing. Further and more importantly love changes form, as we, as human beings, age in each life. Whilst it may be hopelessly romantic for us to want to believe that love is only one thing, and last for ever, the advanced human being knows that this is not the case. However society presents the absurd position of only one form of love in every form of life. Journalist write about it every day, even though many have had their own lives ruined by such an ideal being sunk upon the rocks of divorce.

The love that comes with the first flush of youth can of course happen at any time in life. For such a love to walk through the door of your life, when you are seventeen is a wonder, no greater or lesser than when it walks through your door at sixty. The problems arise when society fails to understand the nature of love.

Society has to take on board that love is greater than an exclusive club, which you join when you become married. The act of marriage is a commitment to love and care for each other and to built and protect a family. It is based upon your love for the person and a belief that you will honour that commitment for a life with children.

If circumstances arise that change your life path it is absolute madness to throw away your love. These changes may take many forms - sometimes induced by yourself - sometimes by others. True love can accommodate more than one love in its life and as our consciousness rises we should not see love as a means to restrict love in those whom we love.

This is not a return to the free love concept of the nineteen sixties, which failed for obvious reasons. What it means is coming to an understanding of your own emotional and sexual needs, taken in the context of your life path.

Having taken the decision to make a family, through the love that the relationship developed, you have an obligation to serve that family above all others. This should not limit love that you and others might experience. It should not be a cause for suffering for those who move through life with you.

It is complete and utter madness to destroy a marriage because of an act of unfaithfulness. Love is far greater than that and is not a means of control upon your partner. True love is unremitting and does not need to be returned. True love is not bound by the dogma of past failed marriages, but is the decision to approach marriage in a way that is open and allows both partners the freedom they require.

Love should not be used to trap your partner in a relationship, but used to free both yourself and them from the chains of the past mistakes. In society men will need women and women will need men, but each will be free to chose another partner should they wish, once their commitment to the family is completed. However such a choice should not be possible before the children of that marriage are of the age of consent.

Marriage will therefore be the act of commitment to spend your life together in a love that is shared. The decision on whether this should be shared together or individually is the decision of those who take this path. Society as a whole will expect those who make this commitment to marriage to honour it, since it is the children that are produced from these marriages who will inherit our future. Marriages will therefore be more open than they have been in the past. There will be an acceptance that love is a gift that may be shared in the furtherance of the pleasures of life. These pleasures have been granted us by virtue of our own connection to the Divine and a need to make love greater.

The marriage act is not an act of possession. It is a statement of intent. No man or woman should be chained to love that no longer exists. On the other hand it is not acceptable to enter marriage and then leave it upon the basis of a split of the proceeds, because one partner finds a new fleeting love. The huge negative karma of such an act cannot be justified in the name of love.

The nature of men is that they are by virtue of their sex not designed to be monogamous. Women generally find a monogamous relationship more satisfying by virtue of their inner need to care and make a home. These are strong forces which any artificial barrier can effectively destroy in a marriage.

In the future there will be an understanding that life is a learning process serving the Divine Spirit. We enter life alone and inevitably we leave the same way. The experience of love which we have along the way is the only reason we are here. We should not limit this, since the value of your life is ultimately measured in this love, which you give to others. It is the only thing you take with you to the next life. In determining the rules by which you can live this life to the full you must agree the terms of reference that such love can operate with your chosen partner or partners.

Many thousands and possibly millions of human beings have ruined their lives and those of their children through what was an act of love. Society needs to change to understand that the nature of love is not to destroy the family. In a true loving relationship you should expect love to change. It may become deeper, it may become less dependant upon sex as a means of reuniting your spiritual need. In a true caring relationship the need for sex can be accommodated within marriage, provided both partners understand the nature of the love which they are experiencing.

When a child reaches the age of consent it is entitled to leave the family home and set up their own home. At this time the obligations of marriage cease in regards to the children. At this time I see the society in the future becoming more holistic in its understanding of itself and the marriage relationship. Society will live more at a communal level than it has done in the past, recognising the need to look after the elderly, within a family or community unit, as well as the young.

This family unit will operate by virtue of place as well as blood bond. Instead of marriage being an inviolable eternal vow based upon eternal monogamy and ownership by men of women, it will be the right of all citizens to choose their free partner. The bondship ceremony will replace marriage and divorce. It confirms the etheric bond that is created between people through love at a spiritual level.

The bondship ceremony confirms a loving relationship between partners who consider themselves equal in all matters. A partner will enjoy all the benefits of anyone in the relationship of marriage, but will have the freedom to know that their love is not limited by their partner. In many ways those who enter a partner relationship will enjoy a greater bond than can probably be obtained through marriage, because their love does not need an artificial vow or priests to hold them together. The arrangement which they honour amongst themselves may be as rigid or flexible as their needs require.

The bondship ceremony can be conducted by any person who knows the two people concerned, with at least one witness who knows each of them. Standing face to face the man raises his right hand, fingers together and outstretched as if on a pane of glass between the two, in the appropriate swearing position. The woman then raises her left hand in a similar fashion so that the two palms touch and each finger touches the equivalent finger of their partner.

At this point the person conducting the ceremony will take a blade of grass, or a reed, or piece of string or anything that is or has been made from a living thing, such as a silk scarf, a daisy chain or a flower stem and tie the index finger of the two partners together. Next the witness will do the same so that two bonds hold the couple by their index fingers. Then the ceremony leader will invite those who attend the ceremony to add any additional ties between the couple around their raised arms. They shall then be asked to repeat the following words by the ceremony leader:

I (full name) take you (full name) to be my life partner.
I make this bond as an act of love for you
I will not limit my love for you or limit your love to others.
I will bond with you in this life and for ever
I will renew or revoke this vow at the time of remembering
In the name of the Divine Spirit that is within me and all those present.

When the ceremony has been completed the bond that tied the couple should be kept until such time as it is renewed, added to or replaced. The etheric bond that has been confirmed by this ceremony is not destroyed when love or your life path changes course, as it may do at some stage in the future. It is a ceremony that shows those present that two people have made the commitment to be together in love and that in the event that this commitment leads to children, they are bound by the bond until any children from the relationship reaches the age of consent. Those who do not have children may relinquish their bond by common consent at any time, but recognise that the love that was built by the relationship can never die.

Bonding as a form of ritual does not carry with it the weight of law or the stress of a formal marriage ceremony. It is designed to be freely available and requires no more preparation than the presence of others to witness the event. It formalises the will to be and live with your partner. It does not involve the concept of either religious or state involvement. It is a statement between you and your maker in front of witnesses.

The "time of remembering" is any anniversary day of the ceremony, but in the case of those who have children it is the anniversary that follows the last child to reach the age of consent.

After the bonding ceremony is completed at an appropriate time the couple should write their names in their own hand in the Book of Life, accompanied by their witnesses and dated using the words:

(full name in own hand) and (full name in own hand) have
upon the (date of ceremony) been bonded in this life according
to the rules of the Book of Life and witnessed by
(names of witness in own hand)(signature of witness)
(names of witness in own hand)(signature of witness)

Names so entered cannot be removed any more than love can be destroyed and should continue to exist even if their love has changed. The Book of Life remains a witness to that love which never dies, but may change form. An understanding of Love as a bond between humans and its ability to change with age will make society stronger. Women will be free to determine their own destiny with partners they choose in relationships that may be monogamous or otherwise. The true value of a relationship not being any artificial value placed upon it by society, but the value of love between the hearts of those who bond.

In society the love of family and love of your fellow man will be the measure of your worth and valued above all other loves. Family love unlike that which results from the sexual bonding process comes with maturity and spiritual growth. Family may be by blood, friendship or location, since we are all the family of man. The principal of love your neighbour as yourself being founded in the same principal.

This love that you bring into your life leads to a balance in your life which can be achieved without rules that restrict love. This balance in turn leads to a firm foundation for society to build a new future without the hypocrisies of the past.

The Book of Life opens the door to understanding about who we are. If you want the Book of Life and you dont want to read it on computer you can get it here by return of post.

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