"And I took the little book out of the angels' hand
and ate it up, and it was in my mouth
sweet as honey, and as soon as I had eaten it,
my belly was bitter:"Revelations 10.v10.


Money is not as many would have us believe the curse of man but is better understood as the currency of the Divine. Money and commerce were invented by the Divine Spirit to allow men to do good. Without money none of the things that men do that are good can be achieved. Doing good is another way of making love greater and therefore in consequence money has the ability to make love greater as well as doing great good.

Unfortunately man has abused his understanding of money. Money is now itself treated as a god by those of even high intellect, because they have lost touch with their maker. They have seen money as a means to make their own lives greater and in so doing are implementing the Law of Destruction upon their own lives and the life of society as a whole.

Money should therefore be seen as a gift from the Divine Spirit with which you should do good. By doing good I do not mean that you have to give your money away in order to do good. Charity has its place, but is not encouraged except in extreme cases where need is paramount. The old saying charity begins at home holds true today as it did thousands of years ago. It is based upon the requirement to use money in a way that benefits those with whom you are in contact in daily life.

Doing good is ensuring that you use any money you may be fortunate enough to acquire in a way that ensures that you, your family and friends make the most of your life. Such opportunities should not abuse others by taking advantage of your money to achieve a greater position in society than you are due. Money should therefore be understood as having a moral as well as legal use, since the use of the money that you use accumulates upon your karmic record. It is not possible to argue at the Divine level that you were not responsible for killing millions of people because you bought shares in tobacco companies just to make money. It is not possible to argue that you carry no guilt with you because you made or sold arms, but did not do the actual killing. The enlightened soul knows that if you make your money from a product that is known to kill, then those deaths fall upon your karma. Do you really want to die of lung cancer because you invested in a cigarette company to make money?

That example may be a little extreme, but it is not possible to one step remove yourself from the actions of others. In the same way the chain of command does not remove the responsibility of those who fight wars to turn a blind eye to the conventions of war, because they did not do the actual killing.

Money is often the direct result of cause and effect. You receive this amount of money because you did that. It is easy to see that money therefore represents part of the daily value equation of life. Money has become a god in its own right because money accumulates in this life rather than the next.

Religions use money as a tool to impose guilt upon those who earn money, as a means to earn money for themselves to support their own infrastructures. Charities do the same by showing pictures of less fortunate people, as a means to elicit money to their good causes.

Money was not created for this use, as it is there in order that you may exchange goods and services at a relative value without profit. Money was created out of the principals of a barter economy. A man with ten sheep may wish to replace one of his sheep with a pig in return for four sheep. At the end of the day he has made his life better and that of the man who sold him the pig. The transaction did not originate in the concept of wealth. Profit however has become the god of money and if you earn money you should understand that money should be spent wisely in order that you gain in spiritual growth. Money should not be used simply for material growth and profit at the expense of others.

The bottom line is that money was invented to do good. You should therefore make sure that your money is spent well. Occasional extravagance is worth while, since it lets the soul experience the ebb and flow of the tide of life. It supports the local economy where you spend that money. Money used exclusively for personal pleasure will on the other hand accumulate as a negative effect upon your life. If you feel guilt when you give money to charity it is better not to give, but to use the money in a way that makes you feel good when it is used in that way. By way of example, giving to a charity because you feel guilty may not be appropriate, but paying money to enable someone unemployed to do a job for you is what money was made to do. As a result of employing someone who might otherwise be unemployed you are using your money to maximum benefit to all concerned.

Money therefore induces the moral dilemma of what to do in the event that you are fortunate enough to have more money than you may need. If this is the case it is important that you invest your money in businesses and projects that do not abuse the planet or other people. Those businesses which destroy the environment for profit will not prosper. Those that are built around renewable energy and sustainability are those which do good at a global level.

Giving is an important part of life because it fulfils the most basic rule of Karma - when you give you also get. Giving in any form returns as getting. If you give love you will surely get love. On the other hand if you give out negative energy in the form of hate this too will be returned to you under the rules of karma. Giving away money to worthy causes will have a positive effect provided it is not as a means to seek to avoid guilt.

As a caring human being with higher consciousness it becomes important to give at all levels of life. Giving your time and effort to your family and friends is natural to most people. However it is also good to give to those who are less fortunate than yourself. Many people have forgotten this most basic rule of life.

In order that you may do this money is the most convenient form of giving, because it provides an easy to evaluate value equation outside of a barter economy. None the less giving for the sake of easing your conscience is in itself unworthy of the action. To give because it makes you feel better has no validity in the balance of value equations of life. You may feel better but your money will not make you a better human being.

In order to give to charity or any worthy cause you should use your money for the reason it was given to humanity - in order to provide an exchange of values. This means that if you wish to support a good cause you should be prepared to buy something that supports that cause. This may take the form of goods or services. The element of value is not important, since the conscious decision to receive as well as give empowers those whom you seek to support.

By way of example it is necessary to fund the expansion of the philosophy detailed in this book. This is a project that is not funded by a conventional business and should never become one, because it is the furtherance of natural knowledge. None the less money is needed to carry the words in this book around the world. These books generate revenue to enable the word to spread and in so doing good is done. Those who buy the books may buy them to give to friends and in so doing further good is done.

The principals however are simple. The use of money should always carry an awareness of the moral responsibility it carries with it. It should be remembered that those who have money have received their money through their own as well as Divine will. This carries an obligation to use it well, because that was why it was given to you. This chapter is included to allow you to understand that money is part of the plan of life by the Divine and not a means to make you feel guilty. It should be used wisely if you are fortunate enough to have more than you need for the daily task of life. It should be used wisely regardless.

It would be easy throughout this chapter to transpose the word money for commerce. The application of the word commerce is the same and carries the same warning to those who abuse their position. The payback for the abuse of money and commerce is accumulated on the shoulders of those who use money in a negative manner. There is no escape from the forthcoming earth-shift and no amount of money can buy your way to safety.

Now is a time for self evaluation and a time to ensure that your life is in balance with your needs. When the earth-shift has taken place money will have no value for a long period of time. The only value at that time will be the value of life and the ability to recover and find food. All the things that you have taken for granted for so long will no longer be important, whilst those things such as the support of your family, friends and neighbours will rise to the top of your priorities. At this time you will look back at the world that has gone and be grateful that it has departed, because you will know the truth in your heart that the Divine Spirit guides you.

When that time comes you will need to consider the future. The new economy will therefore employ the best principals of the use of money and for a certain time be founded upon the solid underlying principals of barter.

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