"And sware by him that liveth for ever and ever
who created heaven, and the things that therein are,
and the sea, and the things which are therein,
that there should be time no longer:"Revelations 10.v6.

The Mystery of Time

It is desirable to attempt to better understand time in order that you can then appreciate how prophesy works, the function of sleep and how this integrates with your daily life. Time is created by the Divine Spirit to allow the existence of our separation from it. This can be better explained as a trick of the mind, which allows us to believe that we exist independently from the Divine, in order that we may experience life as a human being.

If you look at how you observe time you will realise that time is purely a function of the conscious mind. When we are unconscious time does not exist for us - yet whilst we remain unconscious it is clear that time appears to exist for everyone else. Every night you go to sleep and wake up the next morning you have undergone a period where time ceased to exist for you. It is not therefore a giant leap of faith to take on board the fact that time is experienced by the conscious mind. When the conscious mind is switched off time ceases to exist - which is our natural state. Meditation is also a period when time can be switched off and the conscious mind may remain active without the experience of time.

If we look closer at sleep from a physiological point of view doctors tell us that it is in fact impossible not to sleep. Science has shown that those who do not sleep die after a relatively short time of only a few weeks. Sleep - whereby you return to the state of timelessness is your natural state of being. People say that sleep "recharges the batteries" , but in truth it is more than that. Without sleep you do not return to your natural state whereupon you will die and return to spirit permanently. Those who are unfortunate enough to suffer sleep deprivation long enough die, whereupon they return to a permanent spiritual status until reborn.

Sleep is therefore an essential part of the balance of life and allows the global communication processes to occur. Whilst the body may appear to be at rest the mind actively reconnects with its Divine maker. It recharges itself by the renewal of an as yet unknown energy source and gathers the information that it needs for another day. The mind is a powerful instrument, which can create the world around it, in a similar way that those who are hypnotised can appear to change their surroundings and be influenced by others. Sleep is an important function of life, which should not be underestimated. It is a means of staying in balance with yourself. Sleep can be likened to the network connection of the infinite computer system called the Divine Spirit. Once connected you can communicate with the rest of the network at operating system level. That means that although you may not know how the system works, you know that your communications processes are working properly. Sleep allows you to file and retrieve information properly and also prioritise those matters which require dealing with in the life we live.

Later we shall look at the requirements of the advanced human being. A good night's sleep is of great value because the mind can perform its function of communication in an automatic way - the way it was always designed to work. The communications process takes place outside of time and instead of being an empty void in your consciousness allows you the freedom to travel outside of time and space. Many such travels may return to you in the form of dreams and direct communication with other spirits. As your consciousness rises above the threshold of remembering you may recall real life experiences from the past and the future. Prophesy is simply the natural ability to recall such events, but in the guise of Divine intervention, which changes the path of the future to ensure such events will happen.

Every human being has the ability to see beyond their own time. Every human being can recall their own past experiences once they have crossed the threshold of remembering. This threshold can be crossed through hypnotic regression, but it is not recommended, unless required to clear past life transgressions. Forced remembering can be psychologically damaging if not allowed to develop at the natural rate. To truly know your past is best left to the Divine hand to guide. These matters have been kept from us for a reason. To seek to move faster than you should can open you to negative influences of your own making. Cause and effect operates at all levels of life - including the wish to know more than you should.

The only safe way to recall past life experiences is through meditation, which will progress at the rate that your mind can deal with. Meditation will open the consciousness to dreams. These dreams will be easy to interpret in the context of your existing life. Each element of the dream being an analogy of a recent event or an explanation of how to resolve an issue which you need to solve. Dreams operate as part of the Divine Spirit's guidance system. If you ask the Divine Spirit to help you solve a problem just before going to bed, you will receive your answer within a dream, if you have trained yourself to remember.

The next stage of development will bring you dreams that have become vision-like in that you are able to recall vividly all those elements of the dream, as if awake. These visions do not die like the old dreams you used to experience. Some will be real life experiences - remembered firstly as parts of dreams or flashes of remembering. You will recognise people in these dreams as being people whom you may know today. Even though their faces will be different you will know from your heart who each person is. This is not unusual, because as we have explained there is a tendency, like the sand on the beach to stick together, for people to travel through their lives in the company of those they have experienced before. It is human nature to choose a life with fellow travellers, rather than travel through life again with complete strangers.

The human soul always seeks the company of others whom it knows, creating karmic and etheric bonds. These bonds help determine future life paths and draw people together who should meet again through the unimaginably complex interaction of life forces. In visions you will recognise those souls, whom you have known before from how you feel about them, rather than the image of their face.

Each life our exterior changes, but the person inside stays the same. This is in the same way that we may age externally, but inside we are timeless, once we have become an adult in each life.

Sleep is therefore the absence of time, which put another way might also be considered as the same as death. Death is in many ways the same process. The only difference is that when alive you are connected by an etheric chord to one particular body, which returns you to that body when the daily revitalisation process has been completed. The fact that you are reunited with the Divine every time you fall asleep is witnessed by the energy replacement process that is almost instantaneous with sleep. No sooner than the process has happened there is an instant physiological difference in the human body - a process that science has failed to explain.

Death is therefore better understood as the natural process of body replacement. It is not a subject to which you should turn in fear. Remember fear is only for those who fear the future. You can only fear the future if you do not understand the true concept of time. There is only time that exists now. There will always only be time that is known to you as "now" - in the state of consciousness. You cannot influence the future any more than you can change the past - because the future like the past has already been cast by the Divine Spirit. When you know yourself to exist outside of time, in a conscious state of meditation, then you will know absolutely that death, like sleep, does not exist. Death cannot exert any influence or fear over you any more than going to sleep.

Death is the release from this life into the next. It is therefore a celebration of a life that has moved on. The human heart will feel the grief of loss through the cutting of the etheric chords, if it has formed those bonds with the individual concerned. However death is a function of life - like the snake who sheds its skin in order to grow. We too as advanced human beings understand that death has no hold over us. Not because we believe in a heaven or hell, but because we know that the forces that guide us through life will guide us into the next life as surely as they have through this.

In understanding the nature of time we are inevitably drawn to the conclusion that our existence outside of time constitutes evidence of our Divine nature. If you can exist outside of time then the rules of the universe, which science has taught us to believe as inviolable, are themselves nothing more than illusions. The voice of science cannot explain prophesy and so like many scientific debates seeks to ignore it in the belief that it will go away. It cannot explain time, or sleep, and like many functions of the mind analyses it in the context of what it considers it to be its own physical attributes.

Undoubtedly as we as advanced human beings climb the ladder of awareness we will understand these things as part of our natural function. Many of the things that we have taken for granted since the dawn of science will be lost and a new understanding will replace it. As our consciousness rises we will not need scientific proof, because experience will form proof enough. Science is based upon experience which is repeatable. It does not have to provide an explanation for the experience to be true. In the same way that I cannot prove to you the existence of your Divine nature until you have experienced that for yourself.

The understanding that you hold the key to that knowledge is the first step in reaching the threshold of awareness. The awareness that you can communicate with the Divine Spirit in real time and are an inherent part of the universal energy force is hugely humbling. It takes your understanding of the Divine Spirit outside of the parameters with which you have understood its existence to be in the past. The ground rules of our existence show that the Divine Spirit does not intervene in life in a daily way, because it operates at what I might call operating system level. It shows us that the Divine Spirit is neither just nor merciful, as taught by the great religions. It does not need to be, because the actions of men are guided by their own hands. Either they will listen to their inner voice or they will be separated from it. Under the Law of Destruction those who separate themselves are returned to spirit to start another life.

This is the real world that we live in today. A world where man has separated himself from the Divine Spirit. A world were what time we may have is running out, as we see humanity rushing towards the precipice of his own destruction. The question is can we do anything about it? Under this philosophy the answer is no. The nature of time indicates that the destruction is the will of the Divine. We as humans are experiencing that will and the great prophesies throughout time have indicated that life as we know it will change. It will change through our own actions and serve as a warning to those who come after us.

The events to which I refer should not be the subject of fear, because those things that are to come cannot be changed. We are here at this time in order that we may experience these things which we have created. The reason we, as advanced human beings are here, is to guide humanity through that period of survival. This is in order that we may be truly reunited with the Divine Spirit in a way that cannot be achieve any other. Those who are not prepared in this life will be destroyed through their own actions - like the zebra grazing where the lion feeds. There is no personal guilt - it is simply a life mistake that should be rectified in the next life. In simple terms the mistakes of this generation will be put right in one cataclysmic event outside of human experience. However before that time you will see the signs and know these things to be true.

The events to which I refer will occur in this life and not some distant as yet unlived life. They are the events of the destruction of the world in which we currently live, through the forces of Divine intervention. These forces operate at global level and will be implemented through a series of events known colloquially as the "earth-shift".

The earth-shift has been predicted since man first set foot upon the planet and has been known to sages throughout the ages. It was known to the advanced civilisations in Egypt, who have shown on one unexplained hieroglyphic the sun rising in the West. It was known to the Mayan civilisation who witnessed the Fire Ceremony every 52 years, to ensure their continued existence. It was known to Christ who referred to it as the Tribulation. It was known to Mohammed who referred to it as the Last Day. It is referred to in many of Nostradamus verses and is detailed in great detail in the Book of Revelations in the Bible.

Before looking at the earth-shift in detail it is worth looking at the Book of Revelations. This work was created by St. John in a state of meditation in communion with the Divine Spirit. It was written over an extended period and like Nostradamus' book has had the order of events obscured, as well as the use of analogy to explain otherwise unintelligible events. None the less it has remained a part of the Christian Bible, unaltered by translation for nearly two thousand years. This is as a result of a curse upon anyone who should remove it by the hand of the Divine.

It remains a definitive version of the events that lead to the earth-shift where St. John describes the arrival of a "new heaven and a new earth". One in which having suffered the events of that time those who inherit the new earth are told:

CH21.V3 Behold, the tabernacle of God is with men, and he will dwell with them, and they shall be his people, and God himself shall be with them, and be their God.

A clear statement that the house of the Christian God shall be understood to be "with men. Christian fundamentalists have interpreted this to mean that God will materialise in the form of a man who will come down to earth and live with us - the idea of the Second Coming. This is modern madness based upon the old religious doctrines of a bible written by men in a lower state of understanding of who they are. This very lower state of understanding being the cause of their own separation from the Divine and ultimately the need for their own destruction. The statement that the house of God is with men is confirmation that the new understanding that comes into existence is that the place where the Divine Spirit resides is "inside" men, exactly as explained in this philosophy. The text continues:

CH21.V4 And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain; for the former things are passed away.

A further Divine statement that men will be freed from death in that their new understanding of life will remove death from their hearts and all the sorrow that accompanies it.

No wonder that the Christian Church ignored the teachings of the final chapter of the Bible. One that foretells of its own destruction and the removal of all religion, as the final act of the Divine, before the new world understanding of that Divine Spirit takes effect. An effect which cannot happen until the things written in that book come to pass.

The Book of Revelations was written by Divine intervention as a chronology of the events of the earth-shift. It is not written in such archaic text as to be impossible for a layman to understand. It simply needs to be seen in the context of life today - rather than some isolated ideological statement. Only when read in its allotted time do the events as written make sense - that time is now - when this book was written. It bears witness to the statement of truth in the Bible and the eventual destruction of all religion. A destruction that is implemented by the earth-shift, but effected through the hearts of men.

By way of example if you examine the start of Chapter 12 in Revelations you see that once the veil of the analogy is lifted the Bible is as current as the most recent news item. It is translated as follows:

CH12 V1 And there appeared a great wonder in heaven; a woman clothed in the sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars:

An astronomical event marks these events - such as when the planets lined up on 5th May 2002. The woman clothed in the sun is Europe and the moon at her feet is the crescent moon of Islam. She is clothed in the sun because in history this will be known as the time of global warming. She wears the crown of the twelve stars of the European Union, which can be recognised as twelve golden stars against a blue background.

CH12. V2 And she is with child, cried travailing in birth, and pained to be delivered.

The woman is about to have a new member of the family. The new member of the family is Turkey who wishes to join the European Union, but is unable to do so because of its own internal religious conflicts and human rights issues.

CH12. V3 And there appeared another wonder in the heaven; and behold a great red dragon, having seven heads and ten horns, and seven crowns upon his heads.

CH12 V3 And his tail drew the third part of the stars of heaven, and did cast them down to earth: and the dragon stood before the woman which was ready to be delivered, for to devour her child as soon as it was born.

Here there is another astrological event in the sky where the first line of verse two is described by the first line of verse three. It is a comet which has never been seen before. It is the comet of the millennium which is due shortly - the largest comet ever seen on earth by humans.

At that time there will be an alignment of seven countries with seven leaders and ten commanders who wage war with a view to engulfing Turkey. This is during the period of time which will become known as World War III. This brings about the events of Revelations and the subsequent destruction of the negative forces through the Divine earth-shift.

The earth-shift is a cataclysmic event which removes and restructures life as we have known it. It cannot be avoided because it operates at a global level and it is only within the will of the Divine Spirit that you will survive such an event.

The process involves the planet changing its position in the heavens by turning 180 degrees in its orbit within 24 hours. The forces that bring this to happen will be applied by the Divine Will when the events in Revelations have come true. At that time those who understand the true meaning of life will survive. They will be entrusted to create the new world order where man shall never again forget his connection to the Divine.

The earth-shift is not as some would argue an avoidable event. If it were avoidable the Divine prophesies would not be true and therefore not Divine. Those, who argue that changing our ways by becoming better human beings will change the future, do not understand the true way that the Divine Spirit works through us all. People who take those views still see the Divine as separated from themselves. In consequence they wish to believe that their actions can in some way influence what has been decided as man's path since the beginning of time. A true philosophy cannot change the future, as this has been chosen as our path since man was created.

The Divine is able to influence men through its unique communications processes. All things that men do are done by virtue of the Divine influence. This is the only way to understand why wars happen. They happen because the Divine is on both sides guiding each to their own destiny, as decided by their own karmic forces.

Those who fought upon the German side in the Great War knew that God was on their side, as did the allies. The fact that the Germans lost that war does not change the fact that those soldiers who died received what they always would have received, regardless of which side they fought upon. It is not possible to change the course of history upon the basis that you will change your mind about one thing or another. This is because the decision that you eventually make will always be the one that was made.

Philosophers who argue that you can change the future have misunderstood what the future is. Changing the future involves many decisions which are only ultimately under Divine control. There is in time only one time and that is now - that is why the future cannot be changed.

The fact that we have the ability to ignore our Divine voice in favour of our earthly one is what makes our separation from the Divine an experience worth living. The Divine guides us daily, but such is our limited understanding of ourselves that it will be a long time before we can grasp what we are capable of. The earth-shift is an event, which we cannot change, but can prepare for. The preparation will mark your own understanding of who you really are, in a way that is an internal commitment to a better future. Those who survive this event will have been chosen by the Divine Spirit to take the new thinking of the raised human consciousness into the world. They will know that they live only by the will of the Divine and will never let themselves be removed from the Divine in the future.

The process of the earth-shift requires the movement of the body of the earth to change its alignment so that North becomes South and South becomes North in the heavens. The earth forces involved are so great that continents will rise and fall. The sea will rise and cover many countries as the oceans move to keep up with the continental movements. Natural forces will be unleashed upon the planet that will make global warming look like a child at play, as the atmosphere moves to keep in balance with the land. Day will become night and the word of God will be heard by those who survive. Winds will arise on the planet surface higher than have ever been seen and only those who hide in the mountains or under the ground will survive the initial period. This will be followed by the period of recovery which will take many lifetimes of dedicated work by those entrusted with the future of the human race.

The earth-shift will occur when the constellation of the Pleiades pass through the meridian of the heavens, when the moon is full. It will be after the comet of the millennium and in the twenty fourth year after the first publication of this book. It will be after the third world war has run its course. It will be after millions have died of man made plagues, the seas are red and dead. It will be after a third of all trees and all the grass has died. There will be earthquakes in parts of the world that have never experienced such things. There will be global famine. There will be a hail of huge stones and a third of the planet will die as a result of the will of the Divine. The earth will prepare itself for what it has to do and those who understand our destiny will recognise the signs. A heavenly body will fall into the sea causing darkness for a third of the day and a resulting nuclear winter of catastrophic world-wide proportions. At this time a mountain will fall into the sea and the end of our old world will be close at hand.

On the day of destruction the moon will appear red as if bleeding for the hearts of men. The stars will appear to fall from the heavens, as the planet moves through its changes. This is our destiny that has been foretold and is now come of age.

A world leader will arise during this period who will be a tower of strength to those who are believers. This leader will unite the world and lead it into the new heaven and new earth referred to in the Bible. This leader will be an old soul who's appointed time has come. The world will unite around this leader and a new form of government will rule the earth appropriate for that time. This leader will be chosen by the people and will rule in the way that the people require. This same leader was called The Great Genius by Nostradamus and the Whore of Babylon in the Bible. This leader will be chosen and respected by all peoples.

This book is written because it is not possible to change the world in one day, unless it is by Divine will. Those who survive will know that it is their destiny to survive as a result of that Divine will that leads humanity forward. The raised human consciousness will survive the coming onslaught because it cannot survive without Divine assistance. In order to prepare yourself for a future which is so utterly different from the one that you experience now you must understand who you are and how you need to be. This book can help you achieve that, but at the end of the day the guidance comes from within - and that can only come at your own request.

In order to be able to understand what to do in the future it is important to understand what we have done in the past that might be right or wrong. "Evils" in the past, as we have explained, are simply mistakes. Mistakes can be rectified and you can learn from mistakes as a valuable learning tool.

Now that we are aware of how precious time may be in this life, we have the opportunity to look at three elements of life that have ruled our existence for ten thousand years. These are sex, society and money, but starting with money because money has formed the cornerstone of the last civilisation.

The Book of Life opens the door to understanding about who we are. If you want the Book of Life and you dont want to read it on computer you can get it here by return of post.

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