"And the voice which I heard from heaven spake unto me again,
and said: Go and take the little book which is open in the hand of the angel which standeth upon the sea and the earth."Revelations 10.v8.


Love is the greatest force in the universe and a form of the Divine Spirit. It is by its very nature intangible, since no man can measure or weigh love. It is a manifestation of the human spirit and hence grows or diminishes out of life experience. There is only love that transcends life - since love exists as an experience of the Divine. As each life passes the only value that is carried forward from life to life is the eternal experience of love. Love is the reason we exist, love encapsulates the essence of both the Divine and human experience as one.

Our reason to exist is to make love greater and in so doing to bring ourselves nearer the Divine in each life experience. Hence the ultimate goal of all life is to return to the Divine in the experience of total love.

This is understood by Buddhists as the "path to enlightenment", whilst the same concept is portrayed as "returning to the Father" in Christian texts. In essence both are correct but applying different analogies. Each faith has taken the literal word of their teacher and used this to implement an understanding that has been embellished by generation after generation of religious doctrine. Strip away this doctrine, study the original texts and all true religions address the same fundamentals garnished in different interpretations. Strip away these interpretations and you are left with one simple message that all faiths can accept - there is only one God and this God manifests itself through Love.

Whether God wears a Christian, Hindu or Muslim hat is of no consequence to those who have freed themselves of religious dogma - since visualisation of God's existence in human form is only necessary when society and human existence is in a primeval state. That lower state of consciousness has suited humanity's existence since man first appeared on the planet. That primeval state is now coming to an end. Human consciousness is rising above the threshold of need - the need to know God in the human form.

Love is of course another word for "good" since the application of Love produces good - which in turn makes the Divine Spirit greater. The measure of every day's existence can be obtained by how much good you have been able to achieve each day, week, month or life.

The human experience called hate can therefore be better understood as the absence of love - materialising as one of the negative forces in life. Love produces positive forces, with hate producing the opposite effect. A man who hates his neighbour is experiencing absence of love - which materialises in his own anger. This will also appear in life as a negative force, which can often be felt both at spiritual as well as physical level. Many aspects of ill health are caused by carried forward psychic elements from past life experiences. These can only be removed by dealing with the core problems - hence the tremendous growth in past-life regression treatment, as well as many new science treatments based upon the reinstatement of balance. No matter how you seek to deal with these issues past life problems are eventually dealt with under the rules of karma, through cause and effect - they are not avoidable.

Evil is therefore another way of explaining the absence of good or love. Since we are part of the Divine Spirit we cannot create evil any more than an all loving God could create evil. Evil does not really exist, except in the minds of those who seek to indoctrinate you with their religious beliefs - a fear mechanism used to inspire you to feel guilt - one of their many control methods. Evil is simply an expression of understanding at a certain point in time, taken in the holistic sense. Evil is better understood as your own belief system endeavouring to explain what appears to be illogical.

This is of course very difficult to get your head around when your whole life has been bought up to believe in "good" and "evil". However the raised consciousness does not seek to apportion blame, since the Divine Spirit does not blame anyone. In order for us to be able to understand this you cannot ultimately blame the Divine Spirit for any human action - no matter how "evil" this action may appear, according to your old way of thinking. Evil is better understood as the spiritual concept of making mistakes along life's chosen path.

In order to understand the terrible deeds committed in this world, it is necessary to take on board that every soul has a life path. That path starts at birth and continues through to death, when a new life path is chosen. Those who follow their life path stay in tune with themselves and their surroundings, experiencing harmony and well being. Their life is good and the experiences they draw upon take them forward, enjoying a balanced life full of love.

Your life path may not take you where you expect to go. As a child the way forward appears clear. Then as you grow up to be a teenager everything that was clear becomes complicated. Later life seems to have clarity again. None the less it can change without warning and a simple decision can thrust you into a different direction at will. Throughout life the road is full of decisions on which path to take. Follow your chosen path and you will be happy. Follow your ego without recourse to your inner instincts and you will experience the results of that decision as a negative force in your life. Those terrible deeds, which do not appear to be reconcilable, without the concept of evil, are understood to be the mistakes of men who fail to follow their chosen life path.

During life we learn from experience and listen to the inner voice that guides us. Some choose not to listen to that voice and this is a mistake - it is not evil because the Divine Spirit, which controls everything, cannot create evil. If evil could be created then the Divine Spirit itself would be evil - something that modern clerics omit from their zealous sermons.

When humans make mistakes they are not inherently evil. No soul can die - in consequence every soul that has ever existed is in existence today. Each soul carries it's Karmic record with it and in consequence hopes to learn from the mistakes of previous, as well as present lives.

In order to understand your own existence better it is not possible to ignore those fundamental questions that religions fail to answer. One of the most fundamental being the question "if there is an all loving God why does God create evil?"

"Why are there wars?" - "Why do children die in famines?" to name but a few.

Only a true philosophy can accommodate the answer to these questions.

The answer to these and many other seemingly impossible questions is that the Divine Spirit is in and part of all people and all things. It does not create evil. Every person has free will within the parameters of the Divine Plan and manifests his own love or lack of love. Some show more love than others and some appear to exist without very much love at all. Yet none are made evil, as evil is simply the manifestation of little love. Such people rarely experience true values in life, as their lack of love brings them pain, as they move along their life path in conflict with their chosen path. This pain is the result of the life mistakes that drives them. None escape their karma, which accompanies them in this life, as well as those that follow. Almost without exception those who manifest such lack of love that they would be known as evil, inevitably bring upon themselves such karmic retribution, that they often terminate their own lives before their time is due.

The true answer to those questions is therefore logical and persuasive to the advanced soul. God does and cannot create evil. God does not create evil. God does not create wars and children do not die of famine because of God. Everything that we seek to blame God for is the direct result of men and no other reason.

At a fundamental level men are no different from animals or the mountains, planets or the stars in the sky. None are evil. A lion is not evil because it kills a zebra in order to live. A mountain is not evil because it kills ten thousand people when a volcano erupts, because of a fissure in the earth's surface. Each exists as an experience of the Divine with its own piritual existence. Living under a volcano at a time when it explodes is a mistake. Walking where the lion hunts is also a mistake, which may cost the zebra its life. Making war is a mistake, which sometimes appears to have Divine influence. Children born with no food to eat is also a mistake - not one that carries blame, but one that explains why these matters are not the responsibility of the Divine. They are all ultimately the responsibility of men who have chosen to ignore their guiding voice.

In this universe stars are born and die every day. To assume that different rules apply to humans, or that we are in some way unique from every thing that is around us, shows remarkable lack of understanding of who we are. The belief that man is superior to anything else was born relatively recently by the age of science. This book is here to help you through the awakening process. The very first element of that awakening is to understand that you are part of everything and everything is part of you. This awakening is known to you deep inside and you may have suspected something like this, but have been unable to bring the pieces into your consciousness. Now we shall start to come through to full awakening, because you have chosen to look at yourself reflected in the pages of this book.

It is important to understand that the negative effects of evil and hate accumulate on the shoulders of those who experience this lack of love. Put in more simplistic terms the effect of hate manifests itself as pain in one form or another - either physical or mental. Pain is a simple sign that you are out of balance with your surroundings. At the first sign of pain, physical or mental, you should ask yourself what it is that you should change in order to return to a state of balance. Pain is one of the first signs of being out of balance with yourself and the Divine Plan.

Contrary to what fundamentalists may believe re-examination of religious texts is a vital and essential element of the raised consciousness. Only when re-examined in the light of the new human understanding of how and what life is can these texts be understood as advanced teachings of their age. Little wonder that those who received them found them difficult to understand. Little wonder that analogies were needed that could be understood in the light of events several thousand years ago. These where times when it was acceptable to murder men by crucifixion and where the ownership of slaves was a sign of a sophisticated household.

Today we no longer need to be told what to think or what to do based upon interpretations of ancient texts. Much of the original thinking has been lost by time and repeated mistranslation. Today the human being is no longer a child needing parables or texts cloaked in mystery. It is within your control to understand who you are. You are an advanced spiritual entity capable of understanding your own existence. It is no longer necessary for you to be told by priests how to conduct your life. It is within your power to communicate directly with your God through the power invested in your mind. It is your duty to that higher part of you to discard those who seek to influence you for their own personal gain. Inside of every human is the new consciousness waiting to be awoken. No man can do that - the only force necessary is the one that comes from within you that tells you that this time has come.

You are a vehicle for the creation of love through the will of the Divine Spirit. In order to live life to the full we need to love our fellow men as we would love ourselves, fully aware that we are all connected and part of the same entity. Love in itself being more than just an emotion, but embodied in words as well as deeds. The experience of love is often assumed to be the act of love in the form of sex - especially by those who are emotionally too young to know what love is. This is not helped by the English language, which in many respects may be the greatest of all languages in its ability to communicate worldwide, yet is hopeless in its inadequacy in terms of expressing love as a concept. Whilst the Eskimos are believed to have several hundred words for snow the English have one word for love (as well as snow).

It is only possible to understand the scope of love, and the different types of love, when you step back for a moment to analyse each form taken on its own. There is of course that one phrase which always comes first "I love you" - which seems simple enough to understand. It embodies the understanding that most people attribute to the word. It has been sold to us in the media at all levels. In many ways we have been hoodwinked by the power brokers of society to believe that like Hollywood there is only one true love.

That form of love is however just the tip of the iceberg. "I love my mother" is that the same love? - of course not. A mother's love or a love of a mother is a completely different love from that between a man and woman in love. "I love my children" , "I love my dog and my cat", "I love nature and the sound of the water in the mountains", "I love the fresh breeze on an autumn day", "I love that book", Every single form of love is different - just as subtle as the snow to an Eskimo - yet we use the same word every time and do not think twice about it. Love is as great as all encompassing or as little as only just there - we experience it all.

True love is all of these and a hundred thousand more - it is ultimately the whole life experience of love. Remember every time you use the love word you pay homage to the emotion in you that is the Divine Spirit at work. In the later chapter about sex and society we shall address the all important issue of how to deal with love in our lives in a way that will avoid the mistakes of the past. Love in all its forms is the manifestation of the Divine in our lives and nothing should stand in the way of love, if we are to live our lives to its maximum potential.

The Book of Life opens the door to understanding about who we are. If you want the Book of Life and you dont want to read it on computer you can get it here by return of post.

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