"But in the days of the voice of the seventh angel,
when he shall begin to sound,
the mystery of God shall be finished,
as he hath declared to his servants and prophets."Revelations 10.v7.

The Deception of the Mind

The mechanism used to communicate between the Divine Spirit and the human entity in daily life is called the mind. It is not as many would believe located in the brain. The mind occupies our whole being and operates at a level which science is currently unable to measure.

This is not unusual because science is not the master of the Universe that it would like to make itself out to be. Science seeks to explain everything in terms of what it has recently experienced. In consequence science understands that a brain is a computer - simply because it cannot understand it as anything else. Nevertheless men of science have sought to explain the brain as the centre of existence, whilst in the past others thought it may be in the heart.

There is good reason for this, because the heart appears to be the centre of feeling. Do you not feel love through the heart? Do you not feel the cutting of the etheric chords of death through the heart? All those who have lost a loved one must know this to be true - you do not feel the pain of death of a loved one in the brain - you feel that pain more strongly in your chest, where your heart is located.

Each age can find a different analogy to suit its time and now as man moves forward we seek to understand the mind in a way that men 500 years ago could never conceive. Could Galileo have conceived of thoughts being able to travel around the planet the way they do today? Could Newton have understood what satellite television is?

The mind, as opposed to the brain, is that part of you which is timeless and connected to your soul. It does not sleep, but is in constant communication with every aspect of your existence, as well as all the bodily functions that you need to exist. The mind is a force that is made from exactly the same material as the Divine Spirit. If the brain is the computer then the mind is the hands on the keyboard. Whilst the computer can carry out the basic functions it is the mind that directs the computer and directs your life.

The mind unlike the brain is not confined to the body. This is probably the most important discovery that you will ever possibly make, if you take the trouble to train yourself. The mind exists in and around our body and can best be described as like an electric field of energy. It appears to exist as if in a very thin transparent shell that separates our existence from the Divine.

The mind appears to have seven energy levels, which are well known to psychics. These energy levels start at the lowest vibrations, being the physical level at which objects exist and rise through the seven levels to the highest Divine level. It is not necessary for me to go into great detail here - because there are many thousands of books devoted to the study of the human psychic existence. Should you wish to further your knowledge in these areas it is recommended that you follow your inner voice on which books to read and which to abandon. It is not difficult to have an out of body experience. The effect of which can have immensely beneficial aspects in understanding the nature of your existence.

The mind operates at many different levels, but is recognisable to you during your daily life in the form of your inner voice. It manifests itself as the voice which appears to be located in your head. This voice speaks for you and is the result of your learning process through life. We have discussed this briefly in the earlier chapter. It speaks with the expression "I" in the form "I will do this", "I will do that" and by numerous logical functions whereby the thought process evaluates decisions upon the basis of "If I do this - then that will happen or I will do that".

This voice I call the "I voice" because I can hear it all the time and I recognise it as "me" - the me that I understand to be the person that I am.

However the mind is not isolated on its own - but like the material from which it is made is connected to the Divine Spirit through a communication system. Whilst the mind is operating within a very thin shell that surrounds us, it is incredibly complicated, and communicates through this shell to the rest of the force in which it operates.

In this way we are not spiritually separated from the Divine Spirit but part of it. Indeed the greater Divine Spirit can communicate directly with all of us and does so every day. It does this through a deception, which most people fail to recognise. This deception is very simple, but able to fool those who have never looked. It speaks with their own voice - fooling them to believe that it came through their normal thought process.

In this way the Divine Spirit is able to implement its will through you and all humanity. In this way it is not possible for you to avoid the will of the Divine Spirit and in this way human existence is shaped. We are effectively all connected to the giant mainframe computer of the Divine Spirit. We operate our own personal computers, ignorant of the fact that all the other entities through which we react are part of the same network. Everyone has the same hands in ultimate control on their keyboard too.

We operate in ignorance of the guide that keeps us on a global course and this is a course that is often referred to as The Divine Plan. Whilst we may seek our own destiny free of interference we cannot escape the destiny of the Divine Plan. This is why people such as Nostradamus and the thirteenth century Indian prophets could see a thousand years into the future with some certainty. Prophesy, which we shall deal with later, confirms that the Divine Will is inescapable.

Recent scientific studies of how the brain works have shown that thought processes in the brain appear to start before it is possible for the body to know that a reaction is required. These observations confirm the existence of the divine nature and confirms the“ hands on the keyboard” for those who care to look.

Whilst the mind is therefore able to operate under the guise of free will this is because nothing is ever forced upon it by the Divine Spirit. The Divine Spirit does not need to force any issue because it is neutral and cannot break its own laws. It communicates with you in your own voice, requesting that you should do something that is required. It speaks to you all the time and it is up to you to recognise this voice, because it always speaks to you and addresses you using what I shall call the “you voice”. It sounds like the “I voice” but speaks to you in a different way. This is explained by reference to the following examples of thought processes ”Why don’t you go and see your sister today?”, “You shouldn’t do that because…”, “ You could do well if you did that” etc etc.

Indeed the most interesting aspect of this deception, which we perpetrate upon ourselves, is that even when trained to know the difference it is often impossible to separate the two voices easily in daily life. One originating within you and the other being directed to you. None the less one voice operates your own sphere of experience and the other operates in the total sphere of experience. It is therefore necessary, as a human being in a higher state of consciousness, to seek to recognise which is which in daily life. To recognise the communication process allows you to understand the part you play and allows you to work in harmony with the will of the Divine Spirit.

This is the way that the world has been run since the beginning of the time of men. Each man is offered free will in each life within the confines of the direct communication process of the “you voice”. No man is forced to listen to that voice and frequently ignores it or opposes it. Opposition to that will simply mean that you have chosen poorly and are unlikely to succeed, simply because the communication process allows another route to the chosen objective to be taken by the Divine Spirit.

Put in simplistic terms the voice goes another route, using its will to move men in the giant chess game of life. It is because men have this internal communication system that there is no need ever for the Divine Spirit to materialise in human form. It is already in human form in every person who has existed and still exists. Indeed the Divine will does not stop at humans, but of course extends to planets, stars and all elements of the Universe - everything.

In many respects the ancient Greeks understood how men were moved by the gods to do the will that the gods expected of them. Now we see things differently, but the effect of how the world moves can be seen to be the same under one Divine Spirit.

Life on this planet appears to be an experiment in separateness where the Divine Spirit has chosen to express itself in human form. It is therefore easier to understand the trials and tribulations of each life once we understand that we are simply an extension of its own self - separated by that filter around our being.

Once this is understood we no longer see God as being on our side in war, because God is on both sides in equal measure. The concept of death is simply a means to another life and God is never responsible for human suffering, because it is men that implement suffering. The Divine Spirit seeks to guide us daily and it is up to us either to listen or choose another path. Those who choose the Divine Path choose a life in tune with their maker and a life that is designed to make you happy. Those who choose their own path choose their own cause and effect.

There is no retribution from on high and there certainly is no hell because, hell and heaven are the same thing – the Divine experience. There is only learning and the effect of the things that we do. At the same time no man can escape the Divine Will because we all are part of that process.

The first step to being able to understand who you are and to recognise your own divinity is to hear your maker though your own “you voice”. Meditation is the time honoured best method of learning how to separate the two voices. Meditation is not an easy path, but one you are almost certainly going to face at some stage in your path to enlightenment. The sooner you start the wiser and greater a human being you will become.

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