"Give me the little book.
And he said unto me, Take it, and eat it up
and it shall make thy belly bitter,
but it shall be in thy mouth sweet as honey."Revelations 10.v9.

The Oceanist

In order to better understand the concept of the Divine Spirit let us imagine an ocean covering the bedrock that we call the Universe. In most places it is deep and bottomless and covers everything. There is a beach somewhere in this ocean, which might represent this small place which we call earth. On that beach are billions and billions of grains of sand that equate to all the individual souls that exist.

These souls, like the ocean that surrounds them cannot die, because they are all made from an energy form. Science has shown us that energy can change form, but cannot be destroyed. The same rules of science underpin the Divine Spirit and the human spirit. God can after all not exist except within the rules that have been created for all existence. Hence these grains of sand, whilst separate from the bedrock and the sea of the Divine Spirit, are in truth made from the same material, but are in a different form.

If you can accept that the basic building blocks of the Universe are atoms or energy, then the understanding that we are all made from the same material can equally apply to the existence of the Divine. The Divine can be shown to manifest itself as an intelligence, why should we assume that such an intelligence does not exist under the same or similar rules as everything else? It would be foolish to attribute other rules that have never been demonstrated by science or intellect to be true.

These grains of sand (souls) have a coat of moisture that causes them to stick together. This moisture represents each life of the grain, holding it in position, yet effected by the interaction of the sea. Each grain interacts with those close by and also with the sea, since it is within the power of the sea to move those grains if it wishes. The sand in its basic form is part of the underlying bedrock. Presented another way the bedrock is an inherent part of the sea, because the sea cannot exist unless it rests upon this base. Whilst you may not be able to see the bedrock it is part of the sea. It is created out of precipitation from the elements that make the sea, in a continuous cycle of creation and reabsorbtion.

The souls that exist on this planet can no more die than the atoms of the grains of sand that frequent our philosophical beach can be destroyed. They can only change form as they slowly return to the sea and return to their constituent elements. As the millennia pass new bedrock is formed from precipitation from the sea. Old grains dissolve to be recycled and in turn become new bedrock in the course of time.

In this way life forms out of the global ocean of the Divine Spirit. Individual souls, whilst separate from the Divine Spirit, are like the sand grains which pass their time on the beach of life - until they have reached their time to return to the sea. Returning does not happen in one or even many lives, but only when they have achieved a level of understanding which will allow them to make the transition back to pure spirit.

The sea on the other hand exists as a universal force, ever present, able to shape and move the beach as it wishes. Some grains sit at the back of the beach immovably stuck in position through their own lack of understanding. Others wash through the surf every hour of every day in a constant state of flux.

Each tide, like life, brings new experiences and new relationships. Those who are on the beach may experience thousands of tides, but never see it move - because every movement is too small in itself to be recognised. In the same way each element of life appears to have no impact upon humanity as a whole. Every day appears to pass without change - yet life too changes every day in a smallest way. Every experience of every soul, in all existence, makes up the total of the experience of the Divine Spirit.

This analogy of a beach with sand and the sea with underlying bedrock and tide of life opens the door to understanding the interchangeable nature of the human and Divine Spirit. It offers a simplistic understanding of how souls exist separately, but united with God as one. The Divine Spirit is not therefore the atoms themselves, as science would seek to explain the power of the human spirit, but the force that occupies the space between those atoms, as well as the space inside them. A force that like gravity operates everywhere, is immensely powerful, but unable to be seen except by its effect. A force that cannot be measured at this time, yet can be shown to exist through the communication with your inner voice.

Who can deny that there is something called a life-force. Who can deny that this life-force can implement its will at an individual and collective level? It is possible that you have not yet experienced this force yourself in your daily life at a personal level. This book will change that if you follow its example.

The analogy of how life is like the sea and the beach helps explain the mystery of reincarnation to those with enquiring minds who cannot understand how reincarnation can be possible. Science will tell us that each year more grains of sand exist upon this beach, but does not take into account the fundamental nature of what those "grains of sand" are made from. Once it is understood that the force that you call life, and the force that we call the Divine Spirit, are one and the same, then the picture can be drawn into focus. There is no limit to the number of grains when the two are interchangeable

In many respect the early Jews understood this in a conceptual manner by applying the analogy of God holding a bucket filled with souls. God issued the souls from the bucket until the bucket was empty and then recalled the souls so that he could issue them again. Much of those early philosophical teachings have now been lost in the dogma of commercialised religion. This analogy is a direct reference to reincarnation, which runs contrary to the idea of going to heaven, even though it has a common sense ring to it. Even the least educated knows you cannot every year have more and more souls populating the same space.

The number of souls able to exist is limitless, since the transfer from one form to another within the Divine Spirit's total capacity is limitless. Our freedom to exist as one of those grains of sand has no effect upon either the sea or the bedrock in the universal allocation of spirit. The soul is not replaced when the new tide of life comes, but simply takes a new outer coat of moisture on the beach. The fact that more or less grains exist on the beach this year than last is an expression of the Divine will. Should the Divine wish to return all souls to the sea and remove the beach completely, then no act of man could change this, as the sea exerts its own will.

The logical conclusion of these observations is that when you cease to exist as a separate spiritual entity you do not die. This is because those basic elements from which you are formed cannot be lost, any more than the energy that is released from the split of an atom. There is good scientific reason to know that energy - no matter what form it exists cannot be destroyed. It should therefore come as no surprise to understand that your soul operates under the same rules. The concept of reincarnation is therefore nothing more than an understanding of the physics that bind every atom in our bodies. Reincarnation is not a control mechanism for higher or lower life forms to explain why some are more important than others. It shows we are all in the same bucket and interchangeable.

The above analogy helps to provide an understanding of what I might call the global picture of how we and the Divine Spirit are one and the same. This force, which is in everything, does not on the face of it appear to function as one entity. We can observe humans in conflict with one and other, as well as operating through a host of different belief systems. Each soul appears to have its own will and is able to operate completely independently of any Divine control structure.

As well as this we can see that many souls deny the existence of the Divine because they fail to understand or remember who they really are.

Those who fail to see the Divine Spirit either in themselves or the world around them have lost touch with their maker. They have forgotten who they really are and where they come from. The Divine Spirit flows through our lives in daily contact with us all and manifests in all the great experiences of life, from the greatness of nature, music and art, to the every day human experience. However many humans have now lost touch with themselves and their God as a result of failing to hear the voice that is there to guide them.

They do not hear their voice because they have not yet tuned their mind to the processes that make them do what they need to do. They live in a world where the need for God has diminished and have as a result they have put their "faith" in the things and products of a consumer society. In so doing they have turn their back upon God. It is clear to any thinking person that as a result of this the faith that is required by the major religions no longer serves the needs of a modern well-educated thinking person.

These people represent the mass of humanity currently deserting the churches in the western world, seeking a new truth. Some turn to consumerism, some turn to cults, whilst the great majority have come to turn away from the Divine in the worship of money above all things. The decision to turn away from God has not been made consciously, but out of a state of ignorance. This is because those new gods appear to be far more influential than the Divine Spirit ever could be in this modern world.

This state of ignorance cannot be changed by external events, but can only be changed through the understanding that comes with inner communication. Unlike teachings from ancient texts the new human can only experience the Divine through his own perceptions. Once awoken you can never go back. In consequence if there is an objective for this book it is to awaken that communication process in you.

In order to expand our understanding of how the Divine Spirit communicates in our daily life we must look closer at how it works. We need to look carefully at the development and delivery of thought processes; for this we need to examine the workings of the mind. The sand and the sea explanation of how life exists in relation to God helps explain the many references to "eternal life" in the Bible, as taught by Christ and all the great prophets. These prophets were enlightened souls who bought us the sparks of knowledge needed to light the flames that move human consciousness forward. Each analogy was appropriate for its time - a new understanding is now needed that explains these fundamental issues in a scientifically credible way. Blind faith is no longer enough. It is now time to take the next step forward. The time is now right to know the Divine Spirit for what it is. Those who understand this way of explaining how the Divine Spirit operates would call themselves an "Oceanist". An Oceanist is someone who understands how the Divine Spirit works as an analogy of the inter-action of the sand and the sea on the beach of life.

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