"And he said unto me, These sayings are faithful and true:
and the lord God of the holy prophets sent his angel
to shew unto his servants the things which must shortly be done."
Revelations 22.v6.


This book is the vision of a world that is a better place. At the time of writing many will say that it represents the impossible dream, because it is believed that men will always carry fear and hate in their hearts. This is because men have separated themselves from the Divine and have not yet achieved the raised level of consciousness necessary to see the world as it really is. When they achieve that level of consciousness they will realise that their understanding of what went before was no more than an illusion of their own making.

Once the illusion has passed men will see the real world that they have inherited. This real world will be a place where men are happy and the ways of the world will have changed. A thousand years of peaceful co-existence will follow, where love is the greatest gift. The lessons will have been learnt from the past and men's hearts will welcome the new heaven and new earth - where the Divine Spirit walks amongst men. A new future where:

  • The raised consciousness no longer fears the future, because it knows that it is part of the future, and the future cannot harm it.

  • The raised consciousness also recognises the hands upon the keyboard of your life, moving your life in a way that could never be orchestrated by men.

  • Meditation forms a central tenant in your life, as a way to achieve understanding of who you are and who you have been

  • You will achieve the threshold of remembering of who you are, if you devote your time to the dedicated act of remembering through meditation.

  • Death no longer exist because it is recognised to be the illusion of a faith that was unfounded.

  • Evil is not created or blamed upon God, because there are only the mistakes of men, which creates the illusion of evil.

  • Need has been removed from your life - because everything that you will need will be provided by the Divine Spirit.

  • Love is the greatest force in the Universe and nothing should limit love, within the parameters of normal society.

  • You may love your fellow man as yourself, as this is the path that humanity is destined to follow to greater happiness.

  • Love has many different faces, each more wonderful that the last. Remember the many faces of love every day, as a tribute to the Divine.

  • Money and commerce are not worshiped as gods, but serve to be used to do good.

  • Those who separate themselves from the Divine separate themselves from God. In so doing they seal their own fate, under the Law of Destruction and the rules of karma.

  • Money is the currency of the Divine - treat it with the same respect as you would your maker.

  • There is only one just law - that of cause and effect.

  • True prophesy is recognised as an act of the Divine, which is sent by the Divine to keep men upon the chosen path.

  • There is only now that exists. Now is the place of being throughout eternity.

  • The tabernacle of God is within men.

  • Barter is the new economy and a way to evaluate the principals of value.

  • The mind, not the body, is the repository of the Divine.

  • The first principal of free life is that no man may do anything that may harm another.

  • Quality of life will be preserved by preserving the village habitat.

  • The earth-shift as a Divine act is not and never has been avoidable, any more than you can avoid breathing the air of life.

It is as a result of the actions of the Divine, through the implementation of the earth-shift, that humanity will rise from the ashes of destruction, as a phoenix rises from it own ashes, even more glorious than ever could be imagined. Only at that time will the world of men be changed forever and the true understanding of the Divine Spirit come into effect. The event itself is foretold in all the great works of prophecy throughout history.

The oceanist philosophy is simply the restatement of those works in the context of the raised consciousness. It is the recognition that happiness is not outside there somewhere waiting for you to find it. Happiness is inside us all, guiding us every day. It has just taken us ten thousand or more years to hear and understand the words that are spoken to us.

The word "Oceanist" was chosen because it makes an analogy between the ocean of life interacting with the world in which we live. It also represents a play on words to remind you every day of the concept which ties this philosophy to the fundamental truth of the Divine Spirit. It comes in the word itself O - C - R - nist (oh-see-arn.ist) - to remind you every day that there is only One Connected Religion. That is the only element of faith that is contained in this book. The faith that unites all religions to one core belief in one Divine Spirit in us all.

The Oceanist philosophy of One Connected Religion connects Jew to Arab, Christian to Buddhist, Hindu to Muslim and every combination of faith, religion and peoples throughout the world. It over-rides all religions, because it does not remove your faith. It cannot remove faith, because it does not call for faith. Faith is a statement of wish, whereas the oceanist knows, from the heart and the voice that communicates with them, with whom they are connected. This is a life changing experience, which only you can activate or recognise.

Humanity has separated itself from the Divine Spirit seeking to isolate it in churches under the control of men. The resulting catastrophic actions are a result of the Divine intervention through the implementation of the Law of Destruction. A result that can no more be avoided than you can avoid going to sleep tonight.

When men come to terms with their actions and realise their mistakes, then the one true philosophy will be understood. Men will learn to honour the Divine Spirit in all they do. The writings in great texts, including the Bible, will be confirmed and the Tabernacle of God shall be with men.

The last time men separated themselves from the Divine the flood destroyed the infrastructure of life. This was no myth, but a real event, which like the earth-shift was Divine retribution for the folly of those who believed they could separate themselves from God. The rainbow was seen at that time as a sign from the Divine, to remind men of the power of the Divine. A token that has been forgotten by all but a few.

At this time too the Divine Spirit will give men a sign that the Divine Spirit is in them and with them. Those who receive this sign shall know that God in all his power is in them and moves through their love and actions. This sign comes in the form of a kiss. It was given to men before . many years ago, but lost in time and myth. It is a sign that the wonder of love flows between men and women, even in the greatest adversity. Those who carry this kiss carry the Divine on their lips, as an angel carries truth and beauty to the philosophical heaven we call happiness. Men in return shall once again honour their obligation to remember the holy day as reserved for worship, through the consecration of love in honour of the Divine Spirit that is within us all.

Those matters, which we have discussed, cannot change your life unless you choose to listen. Listening itself is just the start. This book is the beginning of your new life, or the end of your old one. It is the beginning and the end of the true understanding of the Divine. Take this book with you in your heart every day, in your thoughts and your deeds.

Remember the words written in the last chapter of the Bible, given to St John as a prophesy from the Divine:

CH22 V11 He that is unjust, let him be unjust still: and he which is filthy, let him be filthy still: and he that is righteous, let him be righteous still: and he that is holy let him be holy still..

CH22V12 And, behold, I come quickly; and my reward is with me, to give every man according as his work shall be.

These simple statements confirm that in the context of the post earth-shift environment men shall recognise the nature of life as eternal. Each man shall enter the next life in the same condition that he left the last, without addition or removal. Each man only receiving that to which he himself is entitled through his own work in that life. In effect a confirmation of the concept of cause and effect from the most holy of sources.

In order to make the most of each life you should use the love which is in your heart and make it greater without restriction, certain that every gift of love brings you one step closer to true happiness. Listen to your inner voice and reap the rewards of true happiness, through a fulfilled life, walking the path of righteousness.

Open your heart to family love, aware that when the events as portrayed in this book have come to pass, the only protection that you may have is the love of your family, friends and neighbours. The day of the care home, has come to an end. Wisdom comes with age and so it is necessary to respect the old ever remembering that we all age in every life. Invest your time and effort in the care of your family, so that they may care for you when your time comes. This is the wisdom of karma, ignore it at your peril.

Your destiny takes you into a very dark place, where the only light will be found inside your heart. This is not a time for despair, but one of rejoicing that you have received the call, at a time when all humanity will be put to the test. It is the greatest of privileges to be called upon, out of all the people upon this planet, to serve the Divine at a personal life level.

You carry the light of hope and the power of the Divine within you, which ensures the arrival of the arisen consciousness. That holy of holy beings which will walk the earth again in our lifetime. Not in the form of one man or personified God, but as the risen consciousness of all men, inside the hearts of men.

This is the true meaning of the Second Coming referred to by Christian fundamentalists. It also explains the concept of the Christian Tribulation in the form of the earth-shift. It encapsulates the principals of the Last Day as understood by Muslims throughout the world. At the same time the 1,000 years of peace which follows fulfils the Hindu prophesies for this time as the coming Golden Age and the Kalki Avatar. It is a time when people will return to righteousness and the world will be at peace. This is implemented through the sword of the lost knowledge, returned to those who accept this challenge.

Every man woman and child who so takes that challenge, either by decision or destiny, does so because the Divine has chosen them from amongst all who exist, to cultivate the seeds of the new world and rasied consciousness. A world where true happiness can exist, where all men and women are equal in the eyes of the Divine. Where love can conquer all and where peace will last as long as men remember who they are. When you awake on that new dawn, when the sun rises in the west, after the great storms of destruction, you will know in an absolute and certain manner, that there is only one Divine Spirit. You will hear the voice of the Divine that has protected you and you will know that your relationship with the Divine can never again be the same as it was before these events.

Whether these events are today, tomorrow or yesterday is of no significance in the concept of time, because as we have seen time does not really exist. You are invited therefore to sign your name in this Book of Life as witness to your fundamental belief in the power of the Divine Spirit to guide and protect you. Even if at this time you have not heard the voice that is your communicator, you now have the ability to call upon it. Every question you will ask will be answered if you care to listen. Every answer will take you in the right direction if you care to follow the advice.

Make no mistake . the words of this book are true. I, the writer of this book, Nicholas Austin, make no claim of authorship, because every word was given to me from within. My name may appear upon the cover, but this is in order that I may implement the will of the Divine. In spirit I have received these words and in spirit I give them to you, knowing that that those things written here are nothing more than any man should be able to understand.

May the Divine Spirit be with you in your heart and mind for ever. May your soul be at one with nature and humanity for all time.

Footnote from the receiver of the Book of Life - written 2005: It must be clear to you by now that the path that man has taken is not in harmony with his chosen path. This book is not easy reading since it it tells us that the Divine Spirit loves us but appears to indicate that we shall be destroyed by the forces of nature at the behest of our invocation of the Law of Destruction. It explains how we should live and indicates that we cannot change anything regardless of our personal will.

In the past we have always believed that man was capable of destroying himself with a nuclear weapon or war. Now he has destroyed himself by invoking the Law of Destruction and his destruction comes through those forces of nature that have been invoked. When man listens to scientists in the belief that they are God the time has come to put man back upon his chosen path. The Divine Spirit made us and it is true that we are in his image. In his infinite grace he will save those who are able and willing to embrace the world as it was intended.

The lesson in this book is in the knowledge that it carries in your heart and the ability it has to open the door to understanding who you are and who it is you will owe this life, and every future life to, after these events have happened. We stand at the doorway to the gates of hell in the medieval sense and either you will see the signs of the Fall of Man or you will be blinded by science and be destroyed along with the billions of humanity who will know no better. Take this book in your heart and know that God, the Divine Spirit, or how ever you may know his name, will save the planet - that is why these things will be. God does not punish us for our mistakes, but will save us by implementing the earth-shift after we know that our destruction is certain. That point will come when the planet goes through the carbon dioxide threshold which will cause the seas to rise over the land and turn red - a process that cannot be reversed.

Man will not however be destroyed, even by his own hand, because it is the Divine Will that we exist to implement His will. Only when destruction is certain will the earth-shift be implemented as a means of human salvation. Those who survive will carry the message in this book for future generations as foretold by the great prophets and holy books.

Addendum February 11th 2006

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The Divine Spirit be with you as always.


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