"And I saw a new heaven and a new earth:
for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away;
and there was no more sea."
Revelations 21.v1.


Beauty of the environment should be the guiding principal of those who make the laws and guide men through the coming thousand years of peace. The environment is the mirror in which we can see the reflection of how we value what we as men do, to the world in which we live.

The Divine Spirit gave men a safe place in which to live and prosper - the planet earth. Until recently men respected their position under the Divine and prospered throughout the world. However the recent failing to honour and respect nature and the environment has caused men to suffer the effects of their actions.

This planet, like the stars, is a creation of the Divine and it too has a spiritual existence. It is made from the same basic fabric as we are. It also follows the Divine will, in the same way that you and I cannot avoid our part in the Divine Plan.

The abuse of nature for the greed of men, through exploitation of resources without consideration to the effects of that abuse causes the negative effects which we have seen. Global warming has come about solely as a result of the errors of men more interested in their own commercial gain than they are about the effects of what they do.

This abuse, when taken with the multitudes of environmental abuse heaped upon the planet over the last fifty years, has been man's undoing. Separating yourself from nature and the environment is the same as separating yourself from the Divine Spirit, since the Divine Spirit embodies the spirit of nature.

If you do not believe me then go to the top of a mountain and sit there on your own. If you cannot do that then simply close your eyes and bring into your mind this experience. Look below you at the clouds in their infinite glory, with the blue sky above as the mountains stretch into the distance. Sit and let the peace that is within you come to you. You will then experience the power of the Divine through the majesty of nature.

Now go into the rain forest and stand under the largest tree you have ever seen. Close your eyes and listen to the sounds of the forest. Hear the rain falling through the trees, feel the rain as a mist on your face. Hear the birds and wild animals calling to each other.

This is the place where the Divine exists and man exists with the Divine. Just spend a moment every day to experience these feelings and remember who you are and what it is you can feel at that moment in time.

It was this experience which brought the Landscape television channel, which I was the founder, into existence. This is a television channel that plays beautiful classical and instrumental music to pictures of the beauty of the environment without interruption. It was designed to bring the experience of taking just a moment every day to remind you who you really are. A moment to reconnect your soul with your maker, through the emotions created at the very centre of your self.

Music, unlike the spoken word, has no language, but can be understood by everyone, because it is a vibration that acts upon the human spirit. Music can communicate at a spiritual and healing level, which is not as yet understood. When music is combined with the visual art form it is possible for men to loose their outer ego for a short period of time. This is similar to the act of meditation.

In this state great creative thinking can take place, because you open your heart to the Divine. At the same time the appreciation of the beauty of music and the beauty of the planet remind you of how great the Divine Spirit is. It acts as a daily reminder that no matter how brilliant man may be in all his glory he is nothing compared to his maker.

Respect for nature and the environment must be understood by all men as a personal duty. Each action no matter how large or small accumulates in the karmic record of all men. The earthshift is the witness to this. The earth-shift has been implemented because men have removed themselves from their maker. They have fallen into the trap of believing that they, through the knowledge of science given to them by their maker, no longer need the Divine Spirit.

In the future all men shall know that the Divine Spirit has cast men down because of their own arrogance. In the future all men will know the Divine Spirit is within them and they are the home for that great intelligence. However they shall also know that the same intelligence resides in all things on this planet and in the heavens. To abuse nature or the environment is therefore to abuse the Divine Spirit and will bring upon those who do so the retribution that they deserve.

The future of the human race is not one of doom and gloom but the one that the Divine Spirit intended when the world was created. One where men live in balance with nature at a personal as well as community level.

Villages will be powered by their own solar lighting, which will use the resources of the sun during the day, to provide power for the lights at night. Power, like food and water, will be provided as a right within each community. The days where basic human needs such as water and electricity were sold for profit will cease.

The wind that the Divine Spirit provides every day to men free of charge will be harnessed to power wind turbines. Sustainable energy sources will be used to ensure that men are comfortable and happy in the new world.

The human body will be recognised as a Divine energy source, through the healing powers of that energy which flows through them. Men shall no longer need drugs. Crystals will be harnessed for their healing powers and the people will grow old gracefully.

The cult of youth and beauty worship will no longer be tolerated. Beauty will be seen in everything and everyone in a way that cannot be understood at the time this book was written.

Life immediately after the earth-shift will be unbelievably hard for a short period of time. Those who will have lived through this period of world history will have survived for a reason. They are the old souls who have chosen to be here at this time to help others and to build the new world without the pain and suffering of the one we leave behind.

There will be a great emotional break for those involved, because they will have to adjust to letting go of those things which they had assumed would always be with them. A great many people will be returned to spirit at this time. This will inevitably include members of one's own family and friends, who's allotted time has come.

It will not be a time of mourning, because there will be no time to mourn. Like those, who are overtaken by events in a plane crash, the trauma of the event will concentrate the mind on those things that have to be done. In any event mourning is the act of saying goodbye. At this time those who leave will have gone by Divine Will and will be reunited with their maker through these terrible days. Those who are spared will have been spared because it is their destiny. It is therefore a time of rejoicing that you have your part to pay in the Divine path to a world that is a far greater place.

The Book of Life opens the door to understanding about who we are. If you want the Book of Life and you dont want to read it on computer you can get it here by return of post.

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