"And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes;
and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow,
nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain,
for the former things are passed away:"Revelations 21.v4.


The Divine Spirit has made man in his own likeness. This means that we have been made to exist in a state of balance with ourselves and those things that exist around us. This state is our natural state and one that should by nature be easy for us to obtain. In being at one with ourselves we will achieve a quality of life that leads to certain happiness. Happiness is the goal of all human beings and the experience of being at one with the Divine.

Unfortunately the mistake that most people make is to believe that happiness can be obtained simply by material means. Money has become the god of happiness and in seeking money above everything else man moves further from the Divine every day.

In order to live in balance it is necessary to devote time to yourself. This means that you are prepared to take time to care for your inner self. In so doing your inner self will at the same time take care of that outer self, which has to deal with the day to day worries of life.

Taking care of the inner self is carried out by the daily exercise of meditation. This process opens the communication process between you and your maker in the way we have discussed under the chapter of that name. However a person in balance with themselves and their surroundings also lives without fear.

Fear is born out of not knowing who you are and where you are going. Fear is caused by the mind seeking to imagine what may happen in the future, as a means of forming or influencing that future.

The mind is quite capable of taking the fear in your thoughts and turning them into reality by virtue of the power within it and the way that it inter-acts with the Divine Spirit. Thoughts are therefore in some respect as dangerous as the actions themselves. You must therefore learn as an advanced human being to control your thought processes, as well as your actions because one is directly connected to the other. Thoughts are as dangerous as actions because one can create the other even if you are unaware of it. Those who say that "thoughts cannot harm you" do not understand how the world actually works. They live in a world of illusions believing that the mind is isolated from it's maker who controls everything.

In order to experience true happiness you must banish fear from your heart in all your deeds and actions. Once you have come to understand the timeless nature of your soul and the illusion of death, you should have no reason to fear the future any more than you should fear the past.

In order to bring a quality to your life you should also learn that the most negative force in your life is likely to be need. Need is what drives men to make mistakes and need should be understood as a false god. Need is created in the mind to satisfy the demands of the personal self - the ego. The act of needing generates the very opposite life energy forces. In needing money you place yourself in position where money is much more difficult to obtain. In needing love you effectively reject those loves which might otherwise materialise in your life.

In order to live in balance the advanced soul does not need anything, because there is an inherent understanding that those things that you need will be provided by the Divine Spirit. The effect of not needing things is for those things to be provided to you. Hence those who have no money cares are the ones who find money is provided. Those who do not need love, because they give love as a matter of course, also receive love more than they could every need. This book comes into your life even though you did not ask for this to happen. Knowledge comes in many forms for those who believe that they are in need. If you choose to reject it this is your choice. Need should be eliminated from your life and in so doing you will be freed of those matters which bring the negative issues into your life.

This is the real world we are talking about here and not some imaginary utopia. The laws of karma act now when it comes to need. A man who acts upon need reaps the rewards of that need and like the Jewish proverb it should be remembered to be careful for what you ask - because you may get it!

The idea that rich men are unhappy has been sold to the general population for centuries. Mainly by the rich themselves, who seek to keep the poor in their place. Wealth is a temporary illusion. Wealth is only relative to your own position in the tree of life. A man living on the beach in India is wealthy with a few cents per day, whilst another may be destitute living in the metropolitan area of a major city with far more money. At a spiritual level the man on the beach may be far happier, simply because he remains in touch with the values of life, in relation to his environment since his need is little.

Quality of Life is therefore the goal of the advanced human being. How can we achieve this in the era post earth-shift? A time when all the elements of life, as we knew it, have been removed?

In seeking quality we must recognise the mistakes of society and seek to avoid replicating them, only to face the same destruction at some later stage. Society has developed from a village society to one based upon city life. This is the biggest mistake that man has ever made. He believed that by making himself bigger and better than his fellow man he was himself invincible and god-like. He has fallen in love with science as an explanation for all things, forgetting that all things of science were created by the Divine.

Cities are the ruination of man in balance with himself, because in a city it is not possible to control the strategic chains of command that guarantee quality of life. Man becomes dependent upon remote organisations who have no interest in any particular area or people. Vested interests divide society and the result is like the fall of Greece or Rome, we have a society that cannot support its own citizens in a crisis.

The world of men has gone mad when it is no longer possible for a baker to make bread, because it is not economic in competition to a chain of supermarkets. It is madness to be forced by regulation to buy milk from a distributor, rather than direct from the farmer or cow because of rules designed to protect monopolies. These examples show that society is writing the rules of its own destruction, when an event such as the earth-shift happens.

In the new world after the earth-shift cities will no longer exist because they will not sustain life under the basic rules of economics. Men will then realise that the only way to live in harmony will be in the "village community". This is and has been the natural way of life throughout the world for ten thousand years. The earth-shift will confirm the Divine Will to see this method of living in harmony with the Divine returned to the dominant form of society.

Under the village community the rules of living are well understood. Each village becomes, by virtue of its existence, self-sustaining. Men will work together to provide their own food and operate a local economy that is self-sustaining, based upon barter of goods and services. Local markets and stores will replace the supermarket mentality.

Villages will be managed by the wise men and women from that society, without external influence. A wise person being by their nature one with many life experiences and an old soul. The principals of free speech will be accepted, but within the framework of the over-riding principal that:

"No man may do anything that may harm another".

This principal will be known as "the first principal of free life". Disputes will be settled by the election of a committee in each village, who will administer justice, based upon the first principal of free life. Those guilty of offences under this principal may be removed from the village. This will be understood as the effect of their own actions.

The law shall recognise, as it always has, that children who have not reached the age of consent need special protection from abuse. Those who violate these laws in pursuit of their own sexual gratification shall be removed from society.

In the new society men will not be judged by their age or looks but by their intellect. It will not be a democratic society operating in the way that men have built the democracies of the twentieth century. That form of society is and has been destined to die from its own internal corruption.

Men will learn to trust their leaders to elect national and international leaders to rule their planet fairly on their behalf. These men and women will be above reproach in their honesty and integrity. The days of men who rule for payment and favours will be over. Those who rule will do so by the will of the people and be paid and looked after by the people to do that job. It will be illegal for men and women so employed to take payment of any kind or favour other than the agreed payments from the public purse. In return such men and women will be revered and loved above all others. They shall want for nothing in their lives, whether old or young. They shall depart their days in respect and honour, with the care and love of a thankful people, who shall ensure that they want for nothing. Those who lead shall be understood to do so with the respect of the Divine Spirit empowered through the will of men.

Should a leader fail his people by accepting favours or gifts in return for personal gain, then that leader shall be cast out of society without a second chance. The position of leader shall have authority over all, but value of nothing. A leader shall seek nothing in return for the use of power, but shall be empowered by the people to use that power for the good of all. A leader who uses his power for personal gain shall have abdicated his power to the Divine that it may never again be used by that leader.

In this way Quality of Life shall be preserved by those who serve men as their leaders. Judgements shall be lawful and just without external influences. Men shall trust their leaders to administer justice in the way that the Divine always intended. Justice shall not be determined solely by precedent, but by what the will of the Divine, through the hearts and minds of men, in balance with themselves and their maker.

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