Bringing The Tribe Back Together

The Ancestral Pattern and Book of Life websites are undergoing a major re-write and will be back soon.

The Book of Life is written by God the Divine Spirit. It is a book that proves the existence of God and is confirmed in the book of Revelations, delivered to St John the Divine, in which Chapter Ten confirms both the method of delivery and the fact that the mystery of God will be revealed (CH 10. v 7) at this time. The Book of Life is a book that has been handed down to us by the Divine Spirit as we approach our time of need and was delivered in the same form as was delivered to the prophet Mohammed. Indeed it is a book that is expected by Muslim clerics before the Final Day. It includes the required evidence of authenticity of proof of origin and is available free to all. It is a book that answers many of the unanswerable questions such as:

  • "Why there is a God but innocents die from famine, plague, earthquake, tsunami, hunger and injustice",

  • "If there is a God why doesn't God appear to be seen",

  • "How a soul can reincarnate when more souls exist every year",

  • "What and when the earth-shift and Tribulation will appear"

  • "Whether you can avoid the coming cataclysm"?

  • "The date of the Second Coming for Christians and the Final Day for Muslims"

  • "What you should do"

  • "The signs you will see delivered by God the Divine Spirit that confirms the coming events are true and will be"

    The Book of Life carries three further messages for the future of mankind. The first of those messages is:

    There is only one God

    the second is

    Listen only to God

    The third message we are told will be delivered when the time has come - shortly - when the Comet of the Millennium - sent by God the Divine Spirit, as the third marker of the truth of the authenticity of the Book of Life appears.


    The Book of Life start here (Part 1)

    The Oceanist (Part 2)

    The Deception of the Mind (Part 3)

    Meditation (Part 4)

    Love (Part 5)

    The Law of Destruction (Part 6)

    The Mystery of Time (Part 7)

    Money (Part 8)

    Sex and Bonding (Part 9)

    Quality(Part 10)

    Beauty(Part 11)

    Vision(Part 12)

    Those who need this book will find it. Listen to your inner voice.